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Any District of Columbia resident who wishes to obtain a motorcycle license endorsement or learner’s permit has a challenging learning journey ahead. You have a lot to learn about motorcycle operation, safety best practices and rules of the road before you can start learning to ride a motorcycle on public roads. Once you are up to speed with this information, your knowledge will be assessed during the Washington DC motorcycle permit test. Fortunately, applicants can get the inside scoop on how difficult that general knowledge permit test will be, using the DC DMV practice test for 2020 learners we provide.

Our DMV practice permit test for Washington DC residents has been built to mimic the real motorcycle DMV test, which is harder to pass than the ordinary car driver’s permit test. Prospective car drivers in DC must take a 20-question exam while answering no less than 15 questions correctly. In comparison to many other permit tests around the United States, the Washington DC DMV permit test is relatively easy. The DC motorcycle license test is a different story, featuring 25 multiple-choice questions and a minimum pass requirement of 20 correct permit test answers. Those same parameters are used on our DMV DC practice test, to show you how difficult it will be to earn a learner’s permit. Our motorcycle test questions have either been designed using current material from the motorcycle permit book or cut directly from real DMV test papers – they are just like the questions you will be expected to answer during the assessment! If you struggle to find the correct permit test answers here, you will struggle to pass the Washington DC motorcycle written test.

Luckily for you, visitors to our website are not limited to a certain number of attempts at this DC motorcycle practice test. As you work your way through the study material in the Washington DC motorcycle handbook, you can return to this quiz as often as you like to work on your previous score. This is not a privilege you will have while taking the real DC motorcycle license test, which must be passed first time to avoid loss of booking fees. Our 2020 practice permit test can improve your chances of getting through the permit test first-time around, so we encourage you to use it as often as possible. However, you must not let your work with this motorcycle permit test quiz stand in place of reading the permit test study guide, as that manual is the only place you can learn about every topic which may be addressed on the Washington DC motorcycle test.

If you are wondering what sort of safety information you will be learning about in the study guide, why not take our DMV DC practice test for a spin to check out some associated questions? Around 50% of the questions on this test address defensive driving techniques, accident evasion and forming safe driving habits, as these three subjects account for the same number of questions on the real exam. Other important topics featured on our motorcycle permit practice test for Washington DC learners include helmet laws, maintaining visibility around other vehicles, passenger rules and managing space around your motorcycle. While using our DMV test practice quiz and the motorcycle handbook to get ready for the motorcycle test DC exam, keep in mind that you are ultimately studying to keep yourself safe, not just to pass a one-off written assessment.