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Passing the DC motorcycle permit test doesn't require any magic tricks, all it takes is a little time spent with the right study materials and a bit of self-confidence to help you fight the anxiety.  Our regular DC motorcycle practice permit tests take care of the former, now let this permit test Simulator help you with boosting that self-confidence!

This free Washington DC motorcycle drivers permit test Simulator can come in handy in two points of your learners permit experience - when you are just setting off on the road towards a motorcycle drivers license and want to assess your current skills and when you have already done some studying and want to identify any blank spots left on the map.  We recommend that you make the motorcycle permit test Simulator your first stop when you arrive to the website and complete the exam without using any additional study materials.  This will help you set the baseline, you will have a point of reference and you will be able to compare your results against this baseline at any moment and monitor your growing competence.  To help you interpret your initial score and determine the best approach to eliminating your weaknesses, use the following system (mind you, these are recommendations based on thousands of students, but you can use whatever approach suits you best, no one knows your learning patterns as well as you do).

Start by completing this online DC DMV motorcycle practice test once.  Record your grades and repeat the test once again (questions on the Simulator change every time).  Record the second score and work out the average between your first grade and the second one (you will be using the average to help you eliminate any bias and get a more accurate reading of your current skill).  If your average score for these two attempts is below 80%, we recommend that you start with the first regular DC motorcycle practice permit test and work your way back up to the motorcycle drivers permit test Simulator.  Practice quizzes on the website are arranged in the order of rising difficulty and your skills will improve according to the increasing challenge of sample exams.  By the time you get back to the Simulator, you should not have any trouble scoring 90% or higher every time you take the exam!

If your average grade for the motorcycle DMV permit test Simulator was between 80% and 90%, we want to applaud you, as this is quite an achievement, especially if you have not done much studying.  However, you are not there just yet and there is still room for improvement!  You don't need to spend time on regular motorcycle practice permit tests, but do work on the DMV permit test cheat sheet before you have another crack at the Simulator!  The DC motorcycle DMV permit test cheat sheet is organized very similarly to this practice permit test, yet offers you access to a number of convenient study aids that will help you fight your way through difficult questions, it is more of a learning tool and will help you meet your goal faster! 

Those who are able to hit the 90% mark consistently - we take our hats off for you and urge you to schedule a drivers permit test appointment as soon as possible!  You can certainly continue playing with this free Washington DC motorcycle permit test Simulator 2019 until the day of the DMV appointment, but you are pretty much as ready as you will ever be and we have a feeling you won't need much help at the office!  Good luck and let us know how it goes!