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To earn a driver’s permit, you will need to complete a driver’s ed program and demonstrate what you have learned by passing the Delaware driving test. That exam presents a mixture of road rule and road sign related questions on one test paper. Walking away from the DMV test center with a learner’s permit is a matter of answering 19 questions correctly from the 25 listed on the exam. This might sound simple but when you consider the sheer volume of information which could be referenced during the randomly generated test, it is easy to see that this is a challenge which should not be underestimated. Students can substantially increase their chances of passing the permit test first-time, by working with the professionally-built DMV practice permit test Delaware quizzes provided here on ePermitTest.com.

DMV written test practice quizzes work by providing context for the information you are studying, offering an opportunity to apply what you have learned and in-turn, exposing any problem areas in your knowledge. As you work through the 2020 practice permit test Delaware questions on this quiz, take a moment to consider the feedback provided whenever an incorrect answer is entered. Correct answers will take you straight through to the next question whereas wrong answers will be highlighted in red and some useful information will be offered before you move on. You do not need to dwell too heavily on this information, simply read through it and keep it in mind when you next face a similar question on the DMV learners permit practice test for Delaware drivers. In many cases, this guidance will be enough to remedy misunderstandings without the need to return to the permit test study guide for further reading.

Of course, reading the permit book regularly prior to your driving test in Delaware is important, as it is the only fully-comprehensive source of study material. You can limit the amount of time you need to spend with your nose stuck in the manual, by considering your summary performance on this Delaware drivers license practice test. Following a completed round on the 2020 DMV practice test for Delaware applicants, any questions you were not able to answer correctly will be listed. If there are any topical patterns in these questions – for instance, a specific road rule or type of road sign – this is the area of the permit book you should focus on to improve your overall knowledge and grade. There are marginally less questions on this Delaware practice driving test for 2020 students than there are on the real driver’s test, however the percentage of questions you need to answer correctly to achieve a pass is roughly the same. Our quiz may be shorter, but it is every bit as difficult to pass as the real Delaware drivers permit test.

When you are satisfied with your performance here, why not work your way through our other fixed-question Delaware DMV practice tests to build-up your confidence, before moving on to our rotating-question DMV permit test cheat sheet. Our cheat sheets are the same length as the real permit test and will generate a new list of questions every time you activate them. We also offer several road sign-specific DMV test practice quizzes, which do not contain rules of the road-related questions. These tests are designed for students who are less confident with road signs and markings and require some focused study support to bring their knowledge up to an acceptable level.