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The main purpose of the Simulator is to allow you to gauge your current skills and bring light to any driving rules you may have missed during your previous study sessions.  The motorcycle permit test Simulator is extremely useful during two phases of the study process: it helps you determine your current level of skill when you are just setting off on the road towards a drivers license, and it can serve as the final checkpoint before you head off to the local DMV office to take the real exam. We wanted to remind you once again that this online Alabama motorcycle permit test Simulator is a self-assessment tool and as such, it has a number of limitations you need to be aware of, such as lack of integrated study aids and inability to provide you with the same set of questions twice so you can really nail them.  We recommend the following approach to anyone who has just started preparing for the motorcycle drivers permit test.

Start by going over this free Alabama motorcycle drivers permit test Simulator once.  You should not be using any outside study materials while taking the practice quiz, so be sure to close the permit test study guide and cover any study sheets you may have prepared.  Don't worry about the time it takes you to complete the entire practice test, the exam is not timed and you can take as long as you need to ponder over each and every question.  Once you complete all 25 questions on the quiz, take note of your final grade and record it somewhere for future reference, you'll enjoy watching your grades improve as you continue working on our permit practice tests.  If your grade is less than 80%, we recommend that you start with the first regular Alabama motorcycle permit practice test and work your way up through all of the sample quizzes we have prepared for you (trust us, it won't take long and you'll be back to hacking away at sample questions on the Simulator in no time!).  Those who have managed to achieve a score that falls between 80% and 90% the first time they took this Alabama motorcycle drivers permit pretest - you are doing quite well, as for beginners, and you don't need to go over regular exams.  Start with the Alabama motorcycle permit test cheat sheet, a practice test that is structured just like the Simulator, yet offers you access to convenient study aids.  If you can achieve a grade of over 90% on the permit test Simulator, we urge you to go ahead and schedule an appointment with the DMV as soon as possible - we don't believe you have much more to learn and you have a fair chance of passing the real motorcycle exam with the skills you already have!

In order to prepare you for the whole DMV experience, the Simulator was built as a carbon copy of the real Alabama motorcycle permit test 2019.  The pretest consists of 30 questions that cover a wide range of driving rules and road signs.  Defensive driving techniques, alcohol laws, seat belt regulations, fines and penalties, communicating with other drivers, negotiating intersections, parking on hills, traffic signals and pavement markings - all of the "important" topics are there!  Unlike regular practice permit tests you might have taken previously, the motorcycle permit test Simulator does not use a fixed set of questions, a unique sample test is created for you every time you sign into the page!  The Simulator is connected to the knowledge base of over 100 Alabama motorcycle permit test questions and answers and it uses this knowledge base to draw new sample questions for you every time you begin the test!  All questions are multiple choice and feature three to four answers, only one of the answers is correct and the system will never allow you to choose more than a single option.  The Simulator will track your progress continuously as you go through the exam and notify you of any mistakes you make the instant they take place. While this motorcycle drivers permit practice test is not timed, we recommend that you try and set a time frame for yourself, so you will not be tempted to spend too much time working on a single question.  Thirty minutes is standard for the majority of test takers, see if you can beat this!

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