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If you are spending hours in front of the computer, trying to memorize answers to all motorcycle permit test questions - you are doing it wrong.   This may come as a surprise, coming from a page with an Alabama DMV motorcycle permit test cheat sheet, but you should not concentrate on memorizing the answers, spend your time on learning the rules instead.  A typical cheat sheet can be extremely misleading, especially if it claims to provide you with "answers to all permit test questions".  Some motorcycle drivers license applicants believe that downloading a pdf file with a huge cheat sheet to their iPhone automatically yields them a pass on the permit test and boy, could they be more wrong.  There are to things you will need to realize right now, to save yourself hours of time and truckloads of trouble later down the line: you will not be able to cheat during your Alabama motorcycle drivers permit test (not even worth trying) and trying to memorize answers to hundreds of different questions is unlikely to work either, so don't waste your time on cramming those questions down your brain.  Concentrating on learning the rules of the road and traffic signs is a faster, more reliable option that will not only allow you to successfully pass the motorcycle learners permit test the first time you take it, but will make you a safer driver in the future (something you may not care about now, but a useful thing nevertheless).  Our 2019 Alabama motorcycle permit test cheat sheet was designed as a study tool and as such, will help you study the rules instead of fixating on memorizing answers to the permit test.

This cheat sheet is framed like a permit practice test, but it's unlike any other exam you have taken before.  For starters, the motorcycle cheat sheet mimics the real Alabama permit test, it's got the same number of questions and uses an identical grading system.    The trick is in how these 25 test questions are chosen.  A regular Alabama motorcycle permit practice test always operates with a fixed set of questions that are shuffled over and over again every time you take the exam.  This is a great approach for when you need to concentrate on learning a limited amount of information, but you do grow tired of having to do the same questions again and again and again.  This online Alabama motorcycle permit test cheat sheet employs a completely different approach.  Instead of offering you a fixed practice test, the DMV cheat sheet uses it's link to the knowledge base of over 100 Alabama permit test questions and answers to provide you with a completely new unique drivers permit practice test each and every time!  With such a large knowledge base of traffic rules and road signs, the chances of you having to take the same practice quiz twice are virtually nonexistent!

Those who have already had a chance to play around with the motorcycle permit test Simulator may be wondering what makes the DMV cheat sheet different from that self-assessment tool.  The answer lies in the question itself!  The permit test Simulator is a self-assessment tool and has limited learning value, while the motorcycle permit test cheat sheet was designed to facilitate speed learning and help you with the exam as much as possible.  The Simulator was intended to be your final checkpoint before you visit the DMV, the last checkup before you do the real thing.  It appraises your current skills and in order to receive accurate results, you must use nothing but the knowledge you have acquired this far!  No study aids, no helpful hints, not even a peek in the Alabama motorcycle drivers handbook - you have only yourself to rely on!  The permit test cheat sheet is much more relaxed in this sense, it's got integrated study aids to help you with difficult questions and it's totally fine to have the drivers manual open while you are working on these sample questions (we encourage you to read the book BEFORE you start working on motorcycle permit practice tests, but reading it as you go along is certainly better than not reading it at all).

Play around with this free Alabama DMV motorcycle permit test cheat sheet 2019 until your score reaches the 90% mark, then move over to the Simulator!  Good luck at the DMV!