Quick note: This test is timed! You have N MINUTES to complete the test! All unanswered questions will be marked as incorrect. Good luck and godspeed!

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Couple of words about using the DMV cheat sheet before you dive in, because we see thousands of people getting it all wrong.  This may sound a little surprising, but the DMV cheat sheet was not meant to help you cheat on the drivers permit test, it is a study tool, just like free practice permit tests and the official New Mexico MVD practice book, and calling it a permit test study sheet would be more  appropriate. Driving schools that sell DMV cheat sheets are usually to blame for not explaining the difference between the two and so students end up trying to download a PDF file with a  permit test cheat sheet to their iPhone or printing it out to sneak it into their local DMV office.  It doesn't work that way and if you thought that you would be able to simply copy answers to your permit test off that cheat sheet during the real exam, you've got another thing coming! The MVD treats cheating very seriously - if you get busted, your exam is failed and you are expelled from the office, possibly banned from the location for quite a while.  Think you're smarter than MVD clerks?  Think again - they've been around for quite a while and they've seen their share of tricks, no matter how creative you think you can get!  Besides, why would you want to waste all that time and money on trying to beat the system if studying for the test does not take that long and doesn't cost you a single penny?  That's right, you can prepare for your New Mexico drivers permit test without having to spend a dime and you can do it by spending just 5-10 minutes a day on using the right study tools!  This is the reason why we have chosen a completely different format for our MVD cheat sheet, the format of an MVD permit practice test, the only proven way to pass the knowledge test the first time you take it, guaranteed!

While this New Mexico permit test cheat sheet may look like just another practice permit test, it's really much more than that.  Take the number of questions the cheat sheet sports, for starters!  A regular permit practice test has 20 multiple choice questions, this NM study sheet grants you with access to over 500 sample questions and answers!  Don't let the number of questions that are displayed at once fool you - the cheat sheet displays 25 questions (just like the real learners permit test), but these questions will change every time!  Whenever you begin the exam, the system chooses 25 new random questions from the question bank and builds a custom cheat sheet for you right on the spot!  It's like having hundreds of unique NM permit practice tests at your disposal at any time!

By the way, if you don't know the answer to a question - don't rush with choosing the first option that seems right, use integrated study aids and try to decipher the correct answer with the additional information they provide!  Study aids come in two forms - as hints, small snippets of information that will guide you towards the right answer, without giving it it away, and the 50/50 button that masks two incorrect answers from the screen, increasing the probability that you will pick the correct answer even if you don't know it!  We recommend that you always request a hint first and use the 50/50 button only as a measure of last resort! In addition to using these study aids, we urge you to download a copy of the New Mexico drivers ed handbook and use it while working on the cheat sheet as much as you can! You can always try to find the right answer in the manual - it takes a little longer, but it pays off in the end!

Once you're comfortable with answering most of the questions on this free New Mexico permit test DMV cheat sheet (NM) 2018, switch to using the permit test Simulator, a practice quiz that is tailored to the real exam.  You will need to score no less than 90% on the Simulator before you visit your local MVD office. Good luck!