Quick note: This test is timed! You have N MINUTES to complete the test! All unanswered questions will be marked as incorrect. Good luck and godspeed!

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Here is the thing - while we have primarily built this NM permit practice test for beginners, those who are just making their first steps on the road towards their drivers license, don't let this fact stop you from taking the exam if you consider yourself to be a more advanced scholar by now.  There is always something new to learn and sometimes you find gold in unexpected places, go ahead and take the practice test right now!  If you can answer all of these MVD test questions correctly - you have just spent five minutes proving that you are indeed no longer a beginner in the matters of driving rules!  However, should you miss any of these sample questions, please do repeat the practice test again and make sure to revisit all corresponding chapters of the MVD practice book!

The practice test was designed to be taken quickly and so we have chosen not to overload it with hundreds of different questions.  The practice test has 20 multiple choice questions, with three or four answers provided for each one of them. We wanted for the practice test to be easy, yet balanced and so we have included sample questions for virtually every subject that will be covered during your visit to the MVD.  Seat belt laws, highway driving,  using emergency flashers, driving at night, pavement markings and road signs - these are just some of the subjects you will face while working on this free New Mexico practice permit test.  Don't worry, though, while this may sound like a bit too much for starters, we have included helpful study aids that will carry you through any question you may find difficult!  Don't know the answer to a question?  Request more information by clicking on the "hint" button or have two incorrect answers stricken from the page altogether by choosing the 50/50 option!  You will know whether you have answered the question correctly immediately after clicking on one of the provided choices - the practice test is graded on the go and your mistakes are brought to light the moment they take place.  Remember that there is no shame in making a mistake - everyone can be wrong, the goal is to learn from these errors and not make them at the MVD, when you will be taking the real test!  Your 2018 New Mexico MVD permit practice test will help you make the most of every mistake you make - the system always shows you the correct answer to the question you miss and provides you a detailed explanation for that question so you can learn even faster!  These explanations are based on the official drivers permit study book, the same book the real written test is based on, and they really help you anchor the questions deep into your mind!  Some students try to save time by skipping straight to the next question without reading the explanation first.  The result they get is the opposite of what they were striving for - they end up wasting even more time on having to repeat the practice test over and over again, until they have learned the lesson.  Don't make the same mistake, spend an extra moment on reading now and save hours later down the line!

If you are not sure how much time you should invest into this online permit practice test, we suggest that you continue working on the exam until you are able to answer 18 or more questions every time you take the quiz.  This grade is a little higher than the one you are required to obtain during the real MVD written test, but you really don't want to be playing it close and going into your local DMV office after achieving a bare passing minimum on this sample exam.  Being able to answer more questions than you have to creates a nice safety cushion you can rely on, which in turn alleviates some of the stress and anxiety you will experience at the office.  Besides, achieving that grade doesn't take that long anyway, so go for it!  Remember that 5 minutes is all you need to complete this free New Mexico practice permit test (NM) 2018!  Enjoy the exam and good luck!