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You may not know this, but road signs is one of the most overlooked subjects on the 2018 New Mexico drivers permit test.  Road signs are easy to ignore - they have become such a large part of our lives that we rarely even notice them, they are simply everywhere!  This constant exposure leads us to believe that we know everything there is to know about the signs and so when the time comes to study for the written test, we choose to invest all of the resources we have towards learning things we consider to be more important or harder to learn - traffic penalties, legal BAC limits, child seat belt laws - you know, the "important" stuff.  Here is the thing - road signs are no less important than all those things, in fact, they are probably even more important when it comes to taking the learners permit test.  Just think about it, how many questions on child seat belt laws do you expect to have on your permit test paper?  One, if you are lucky - some exam papers have none at all.  How many questions on road signs will you have to answer? Three to five, depending on the test paper you get.  This means that a fifth of your entire grade will depend on how well you know your New Mexico road signs, why would you choose to leave them out of your study sessions?  If anything, treat this as a great opportunity to score some easy points on the exam, since road signs is the subject you can learn very quickly.  Don't make the mistake of going into the DMV without studying road signs, start today by taking this free New Mexico road signs practice test!  It only takes five minutes to complete, what have you got to lose?

Your 2018 New Mexico MVD permit practice test is structured similarly to other sample quizzes on the website, with a minor exception - it contains questions on road signs and nothing but permit test questions on road signs.  The quiz sports 20 multiple choice questions, every question has four answers and only one of those answers is correct.  Almost every MVD question on this exam will be accompanied by an image, but don't start fiddling with your browser settings if you hit a question that doesn't have one - some of the samples will have nothing but a textual description of a road sign or an on-road situation, this is how the MVD chooses to phrase certain questions and you better start getting used to this approach right now.  Your online NM practice permit test is graded on the fly and you will know whether you have answered a question correctly as soon as you click on one of the choices!  We believe that this kind of instantaneous feedback helps you learn much faster - you don't have to finish the entire practice exam just to find out what questions you've missed and you can learn the right answer to the question immediately!  By the way, if this is your first time taking this road signs practice test, don't worry about the mistakes you may make - they are part of the learning process, the goal is to learn from them and not make the same mistakes when you find yourself in front of the MVD computer, taking the real New Mexico written permit test.  For every question you miss, your free practice test will show you the right answer and a detailed explanation for that answer.  Take a moment to read them, don't skip straight through to the next sample question - these explanations are based on the New Mexico MVD practice book, the same book that is used for the real knowledge exam and they will help you learn the signs much faster!

Here is something that is a little different from the usual approach we recommend: don't stop working on this free New Mexico road signs practice test until you are able to answer all 20 questions correctly, without having to reach for the drivers handbook or use our integrated study aids.  For most of the DMV practice tests on the website, we recommend that you set the bar at 90% and move on to the next sample quiz as soon as you're able to hit that mark, and this method works great in most cases!  However, considering how important road signs really are and how easy they are to learn, why not secure some easy points for yourself?  Spend an extra minute on nailing each and every permit test question on road signs and maximize your chances to pass the real NM permit test!

Enjoy your free New Mexico road signs practice test (NM) 2018 and don't forget to check out other sample quizzes on the website!  Good luck!