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We know how easy it is to come up with excuses to not study for the New Mexico permit test, we've been there ourselves.  You've got a busy week ahead of you - and so you tell yourself that you will study next week.  You open the MVD practice book, see how comprehensive it is - and you put it away, thinking that there must be an easier way to prepare.  You google for people who have passed the knowledge test without spending any time on reading the manual or taking a single drivers practice test and you convince yourself that you can do the same thing.  You may be using one of these excuses or all of them at once and you convince yourself that winging the exam is your best bet.   Here is the thing: none of these excuses will fly with the MVD!  They've heard them all before and they don't care - if you are not prepared for the exam, you fail and then you have to start the entire process from the beginning!  That's why we believe that you should do the right thing from the start and this free New Mexico driving practice test will help you do just that, fight through the wall of excuses and break out of this habit to procrastinate!  Let's see how this sample quiz can help you do that today!

Lack of time to study is the most popular excuse among those who go into the MVD office unprepared.  This justification for not studying is good because it's partially true - our lives today are so busy that having to spend hours in front of the computer, taking hundreds of different NM driving practice tests is the last thing you would want for yourself.  We are here to tell you that you don't need that much time to prepare for the exam!  Have a good look at this free New Mexico  driving practice test - it only takes five minutes to complete!  Anyone can do five minutes!  And by the way, you don't even need a computer to do the test, simply sign into the website from your iPhone or iPad and take the practice test with you anywhere you go! Going mobile means that you can now use the time that was previously wasted on preparing for the test and not have to study when you would rather be doing something else!  Think hard - you have plenty of moments throughout the day when you're not doing anything.  Travel time - don't just sit there on the bus, work on this drivers license practice test!  Eating lunch alone?  Sign in and do the practice test once! Some students go as far as working on the exam while using the bathroom, but you certainly don't have to go that way.  The point is, you've got plenty of time to study and it doesn't take as long as you thought, just break it up into a series of small study sessions and start early!

Those who are feeling overwhelmed by the amount of materials they need to cover - this 2018 New Mexico practice driving test will take care of you too!  There is a simple solution that helps with any large assignment - break it up into smaller pieces and it instantly becomes manageable!  This is the reason why your drivers practice test has only 20 questions - we could have thrown hundreds of them at you at once (well, over 500, to be exact, as this is how many questions our permit test Simulator has), but would it do you any good?  A small practice test like this one allows you to concentrate your efforts on learning a limited, clearly-defined portion of driving rules before you move on to the next bit and so the job does not feel half as hard!  Once you're done with this NM MVD practice permit test, you simply move on to the next quiz and learn a few more rules!  Just keep doing this for a while and you will learn everything there is to learn for the DMV written test, without feeling overwhelmed, without feeling resentful!

Got a question about this free New Mexico drivers practice test (NM) 2018 or your permit test?  Don't hesitate to use the comment box on the page, remember that we're here to help you with any questions you may have!  Enjoy the exam and good luck at the MVD!