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Ready for more New Mexico permit test questions and answers?  We've got them, but before you hit the road and start hacking away at questions on this NM practice permit test, we wanted to remind you that studying permit test answers is not the only way to prepare for the DMV written test.  While it is, without any doubt, quite effective, you should remember that you are learning the rules of the road not just to be able to pass the permit test, but to prepare for your future on the road! When you are fixated on learning learners permit test answers, you ignore everything else and that won't do you any good once you are out there on the highway!  Make sure you always read the official drivers manual and take as many different practice tests as you can before you visit your local MVD office and apply for your drivers license!

This free New Mexico practice permit test brings you 20 new questions on road signs and traffic rules to help you pass the written knowledge test the first time you take it.  All of our questions are multiple choice and feature 3-4 answers, with only one of them being correct.  Don't rush with picking the right answer - the practice test is not timed and you are more than welcome to take your time and consider all of the provided choices carefully.  One of the "tricks" used by the MVD is having a few answers that are highly similar at first glance, picking the right one requires you to concentrate and really dive into the details of the question.  If you cannot pick the right answer right away, no stress - our New Mexico practice permit test has integrated study aids to help you with that! You can choose between either having two incorrect answers hidden from the screen or having a useful hint displayed.  Hints are based on the official New Mexico driving manual, the book you should be well familiar by now, and they help you study right here, without averting your attention elsewhere.  Don't be shy about using these study aids while working on our New Mexico permit practice test, they are here to help you study!

How do you now when you've had enough?  While there are many different ways to use practice tests, we recommend that you set a benchmark for yourself and keep working on the practice test until you can reach it.  For the real MVD permit test, you have to answer no less than 18 questions our of 25 correctly in order to pass.  This passing score if quite low, in fact, it's one of the lowest permit test passing grades across the entire nation.  We believe you should aim higher than that and we recommend that you continue working on this free New Mexico practice permit test until you are able to answer at least 18 our of 20 questions correctly each and every time. And hey, if you want to go for the perfect score, who are we to stop you?  Remember, the New Mexico permit practice test is free and you are welcome to take it as many times as you wish to get you where you want to be!