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While you are free to use this Michigan motorcycle driving written test Simulator any way you like, we want to give you a few pointers on how to get the most out of the system.  The Simulator is much more advanced and complex than a regular motorcycle permit practice test and it assumes you already possess a certain ground base that will allow you to deal with most of the common motorcycle permit test questions. Due to this reason, those who are just starting off, may end up missing too many questions and failing the exam time after time.  Don't beat yourself up over these failures and don't quit studying, just change the approach and you will notice major improvements much quicker!  It's all right to take the test once or twice to get a feeling of where you stand right now, but you consistently score below 80%, we recommend that you postpone working on the online motorcycle learners permit test Simulator and switch to using the regular permit practice tests.   Start with the first practice quiz in the line up and work your way up to the Simulator. All motorcycle practice quizzes were arranged in the order of rising difficulty and so the amount of knowledge required to answer Michigan motorcycle driving test questions contains within increases as you proceed up the list.  Don't worry about the practice exams getting harder and harder - your level of expertise will grow too and you'll be a sufficiently competent driver by the time you get back to the motorcycle permit test Simulator!

Our Michigan motorcycle drivers permit test Simulator was designed to resemble the real exam to the smallest detail.  Do you know how many questions are on the Michigan motorcycle permit test?  It's a 25 question exam and our Simulator matches it with 25 multiple choice DMV questions that cover a broad spectrum of the state road signs, traffic rules, alcohol regulations and virtually any other topic that may come up on the real motorcycle written knowledge test.   You cannot miss more than 5 questions to pass the exam, but keep in mind that this is barely passing and you should definitely aim much higher while you are working on the motorcycle permit test Simulator.  From our experience, a consistent grade of 90% or higher pretty much guarantees that you pass the real motorcycle drivers training test the first time you take it. 

While the motorcycle drivers permit practice test sports 25 questions every time you sign into the page, its knowledge base is much deeper and it provides you with access to hundreds of motorcycle drivers license test questions.  Every time you begin the exam, the system dives into this knowledge pool, chooses 25 random questions for you and builds a unique practice test that may never be repeated again.  Keep this in mind, if you navigate away from the page, you will lose your current test and you will never be able to bring it back up!  Of course, it's not a big deal, since you have a virtually limitless supply of sample permit test questions on this page and a new Michigan motorcycle practice permit test will be generated for you the very instant you come back!

We highly recommend that you real the official motorcycle drivers manual before you start working on this free permit test Simulator, as it is really the best free Michigan drivers permit test study guide you can find.  The book can be downloaded off the SOS website and you can either print it out or just read it on your screen, whatever you find more convenient. The real motorcycle written test is based exclusively on the information you can find in the drivers handbook, if it's not in the manual, it's not on the test!  Don't discount this guide just because you don't have to pay for it!

Have fun with our free Michigan motorcycle drivers permit test Simulator 2019 and good luck at the SOS!