Any student driver in Boston, Cambridge, Worcester or elsewhere in the state of Massachusetts who wants to pass their drivers permit test first time should base their studies around one, vital manual. This is the MA permit test book for 2021, written and handed out by the Registry of Motor Vehicles to aid students in getting through their DMV exams. When you’ve committed to taking a MASS RMV permit test for a motorcycle, commercial or regular drivers license, the temptation is to jump straight to using a learners permit practice test so that you can get a look at the type of permit test questions you will be facing. There will be plenty of time to take advantage of resources like this when you are further along in your MA DMV test preparation, so try not to get ahead of yourself. It is important that you start from the beginning and use the Massachusetts permit test study guide to make sure you’ve covered the material you need in enough detail, before moving on to using self-assessment learning tools.

As an official RMV document, the MA drivers handbook contains detailed information on every key topic you will need to understand to pass your DMV test for 2021. If you read every section of this guide that relates to your chosen test thoroughly, you’ll know you have covered everything. Plus, you will not have to worry about any of the material included in the RMV permit book being inaccurate or outdated, as can sometimes be the case with less reputable driving manuals. The DMV have made sure that every student driver can take advantage of the permit book in the run up to their learners permit test in Massachusetts, by offering free digital copies on their website which can be downloaded any time as a PDF file. So, you can get your hands on one right now, without having to pay a penny!

When you visit the RMV website you will notice that there are multiple versions of the MA driver manual. As there are some differences in the test material for regular, commercial and motorcycle learner drivers, they’ve kept things nice and simple, creating one separate study guide for each license type. Make sure you select the appropriate version of the MASS RMV permit book for your desired permit test, to avoid studying the incorrect information.

Of course, some essential content is identical in all three versions of the Massachusetts driver’s handbook. Anything relating to road sign meanings, road rules, laws of the road and general safe driving practices will be equally represented in each. If you’re not sure where to start studying, choosing one of these sections from the opening navigation list is a safe bet. You can then move on to reading about any other topics in the MA permit test study guide which are specific to the type of license you are applying for. It will be obvious which information in the drivers permit book for Massachusetts you can disregard, as any details which focus on general license types, paperwork requirements, license renewals and other administrative material will not be assessed during your DMV test.

When you want to use a self-assessment tool to measure your knowledge, try using a free DMV practice permit test for Massachusetts from our website. Here on, you will find an MA RMV practice test featuring authentic DMV test questions for each DMV written test. There can be no better accompaniment for your 2021 drivers permit book!

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