There is no better way to prepare for the CDL permit test than using the Massachusetts driver’s manual for 2021. In this book you will find detailed explanations of every major subject that will appear on the general knowledge RMV permit test, plus dedicated chapters for each of the CDL endorsement exams. There are other beneficial learning tools to be found online, such as permit test practice quizzes that will present you with realistic, sample DMV test questions. We are not suggesting that you avoid these other tools altogether, merely that the MASS driving manual should be your primary source of information. With unofficial CDL permit test study guides there is always the risk that the material they contain is inaccurate or has not been updated in-line with current exam criteria. By using the official MA drivers manual for CDL students you are protecting yourself against wasted time, money and effort.

Keen to get your MA RMV test preparation underway? Fortunately, you can get access to the CDL drivers manual for Massachusetts instantly, by visiting the DMV website. There you will be able to download a free digital copy of the RMV handbook to read on your laptop, smart phone or tablet. If you would also like to own a hard-copy of the drivers manual, you will be able to order one for future use while you’re there. Take care to ensure you select the commercial driving study guide as there are three different versions which contain slightly different material. Of course, certain subjects are represented equally in every book; these are things that every driver must know regarding vehicle operating, road signs and general road rules. If you are applying for a commercial drivers license, you will be assessed on this material during the CDL general knowledge MA permit test.

The CDL general knowledge RMV written test in Massachusetts contains 50 multiple-choice and “true or false” permit test questions. As we mentioned above, these questions focus on material which applies to all commercial drivers regardless of the vehicle they drive, the load they transport and any specialized equipment they will be required to operate. Consequently, aspiring Class C, Class B and Class A commercial drivers will all need to focus on the same topics in the MA driver’s manual. These subjects include but are not limited to vehicle control, vehicle inspection, space management, seeing hazards, speed control, road rules and road sign meanings. The clearly laid-out contents pages at the start of your DMV driving manual will indicate where in the book you can find this material.

There will also be a chapter for every available endorsement exam in your Massachusetts permit book for CDL students. You will not need these for the general knowledge DMV MA permit test, so do not be confused when you see sections in the contents marked with endorsement titles such as Combination Vehicles, HazMat, School Bus or Air Brake. Equally speaking if you are using the RMV manual to revise for an endorsement DMV test in 2021, you can move directly to the chapter that deals with that test, without studying the rest of the book’s contents.

There will not be very many permit practice test questions in your Massachusetts driver manual, though you will find a plentiful supply right here on We have designed a CDL practice test for MA driving students to accompany every commercial driving license test – and they’re completely free to use! As soon as you begin to feel familiar with the material in your RMV booklet, you can start taking advantage of our DMV practice permit test for Massachusetts. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get started!

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