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The real motorcycle permit test in Maryland consists of 25 multiple choice questions that cover a broad range of road signs and traffic rules.  Despite it's relatively small size (some states require permit applicants to complete knowledge exams that contain as many as 50 questions), the MVA motorcycle test is very well balanced, there is no important subject it does not cover.  Speed limits, defensive driving techniques, highway driving, right-of-way rules, DUI and DWI penalties, negotiating intersections with or without traffic lights - it's all there.  And don't forget about road signs, they are an important part of the test too and you will need to study them if you want to pass the exam the first time! How did they manage to fit all that into a 25 question quiz?  Easy!  MVA instructors have created hundreds of different motorcycle permit test questions and answers and those questions were spread over multiple exam papers!  It's even easier with the computerized MVA exam - you don't know what questions you'll get as the system will be choosing those questions at random! What does this mean to you?  You need to study the rules of the road, instead of trying to memorize answers to a bunch of questions!  Knowing the actual rules allows you to answer any motorcycle permit test question the MVA can throw at you, and our free MVA motorcycle permit test Simulator will help you learn those rules in the shortest time possible!

There are two primary ways you could use this MVA motorcycle permit practice test 2019: you can either gauge your current skill level and pinpoint your weak spots or you can use the Simulator as a stand-alone study tool.  We recommend that you choose the second option ONLY if you scored between 80 and 90 percent when you took the practice quiz for the first time.  If you didn't hit this mark - start with regular MVA motorcycle practice permit tests and work your way up to the Simulator.  Think the Simulator is worth a try?  Here is what you do!

Grab yourself a copy of the MVA motorcycle practice test book, the handbook you may also know as the drivers manual.  Don't worry, we are not going to ask you to memorize everything in that book, just keep it by your side for reference.  Start working on the Maryland motorcycle permit test Simulator.  Once you hit a question you can't answer, place the practice quiz on pause, open the drivers handbook and search for the answer in the book.  Reach the chapter that contains the corresponding rule or sign, answer the question and close the book. Continue through the practice test and keep consulting the motorcycle drivers handbook whenever you are stuck.    This kind of active research takes time, but it is highly effective, it increases retention rates and guarantees that you don't forget the answer five minutes later. 

Remember, just like with the real 2019 MVA motorcycle permit test, questions for this free MVA learners permit practice test are chosen randomly every time you sign into the exam, so be sure to take the quiz more than once.  At this moment, the knowledge base contains well over 200 MVA questions and answers, enough to last you for weeks of intense practice, be sure to make the most of this opportunity! 

Enjoy this free Maryland MVA motorcycle permit test (MD) Simulator 2019 and check out other permit practice tests we have created for you!