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Would you like to test your knowledge of road signs and rules of the road with some genuine practice permit test Maine questions? You may think that gaining access to a legitimate Maine drivers license practice test which targets the official BMV study material would be expensive but in actual fact, it does not have to cost you a penny! There are many online quizzes aimed at Maine driving students which are only accessible with payment, though this does not mean that they are better quality than the free options which are available. The range of DMV test practice quizzes we offer here on ePermitTest.com are among the most effective around and they are all 100 percent free for students to use. While working with our resources, you will never be asked to pay for full access to a quiz, to view your resulting grade or to reattempt a test and better your score. So, when you’re done reading the introduction on this page why not get started and find out where your road rule and road sign knowledge currently stands?

This DMV permit practice test for Maine applicants contains 20 permit test questions, whereas the real driving test is 25 questions long. This minor difference in length was no accident; shortening our quiz by five questions means that most students can work through the entire test in around three to five minutes. Your chances of passing the Maine driving test first-time increase with every BMV practice permit test you complete and thanks to this handy little quiz, you can find space for a little extra study time every day! Though keep in mind that reading the Maine written driving test study guide regularly will also be essential to your success, as no DMV permit test practice quiz can thoroughly prepare you for the permit test on its own. We cannot predict precisely which 25 questions will be chosen to appear on your randomized test paper during the assessment, but we do know that all the information needed to answer those questions is found in the permit test study guide. Make sure you are well-acquainted with the entire contents of that manual and your driver’s permit is as good as in the bag.

Reading the permit test study guide fully and regularly does not guarantee that you have understood the information in discusses well-enough to answer permit test questions correctly – this is where our Maine BMV practice permit test comes in. This resource will present you with individual “true or false” and multiple-choice problems exactly like those in the BMV database. As the exam guidelines are the same whether you sit the assessment in Portland, Bangor, Bar Harbor or elsewhere in the state, the material used here on ePermitTest.com is suitable for all learner drivers in Maine. In line with the layout of the real Maine drivers permit test, our 2020 DMV practice test includes a mix of road rule and road-sign related questions, with roughly a third of the test dedicated to this latter pool of information. If – having completed this BMV Maine practice test a few times – you find that road signs and road markings are your weakest area, try taking a time out to re-read the road signs study material and work through the questions on our dedicated road sign quiz. The feedback provided on the Maine practice permit test road signs quiz will bring your knowledge of stop and yield signs, exclusionary signs, lane usage signs and everything else discussed on the road signs chart up to a satisfactory level, before you reattempt our mixed-question quiz.