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A point to note before you start working on the Kentucky permit test Simulator - it is quite more challenging than regular KY practice permit tests and it was intended for two kinds of users: those who are just gauging their current skill level and those who already have solid knowledge of the state driving rules and road signs.  It was not meant for beginners! If you are just starting off, begin your journey with a regular KY motorcycle practice permit test!  Start with the first quiz on the website and work your way up to the Simulator, this is the fastest and the best way to prepare for the motorcycle written exam!

Our free Kentucky motorcycle drivers license test Simulator was designed to give you an idea of what to expect during the real exam.   It consists of 25 questions that cover a broad range of traffic rules and KY road signs.  Seat belt laws, defensive driving, fines and penalties, parking on hills, pavement markings, traffic signals, driving on slippery roads, DUIs and DWIs, sharing the road with motorcycles and emergency vehicles - if the topic is covered by the real DMV exam, you can count on it being on this motorcycle practice test as well!  All questions are multiple choice, all questions will provide you with four possible answers.  Here is something new! Every time sign into the motorcycle drivers permit test Simulator, you get a unique practice test!  That's right!  Regular permit quizzes use a predefined set of questions that are displayed to you over and over again, no matter how many times you take the exam.  The KY motorcycle learners permit test is connected to a large knowledge base with over 600 permit test questions and answers, and it draws upon that knowledge base to design a custom quiz for you whenever you feel the need to practice!  It's like having hundreds of free Kentucky motorcycle permit practice tests at your disposal any time!

Here is another thing that is different about this 2019 Kentucky motorcycle permit test Simulator - it does not have any integrated study aids!  You might have grown reliant on hints while working on regular quizzes, but that habit stops here!  The real motorcycle permit test is not an open-book exam, the clerks won't help you answer any questions, you won't have access to any study aids, you cannot peek for answers through the motorcycle drivers manual - it's just you against the DMV computer (or the test paper, depending on what testing method you have chosen)!  Start getting used to that right now!

Since we have touched down on the manual, let us say a few more words about the book.  Keeping it as brief as possible - read it!  Don't look for excuses not to read the driving manual, it is a massive opportunity that will simply go to waste.  There is a very good reason why the book is referred to as the Kentucky motorcycle permit book - the entire learners permit test is based on the information in that manual.  Sure, it's a little dull.  Yes, it doesn't have colorful pictures like driver handbooks in some other states.  Of course, we all have a friend who has passed his permit test without opening the book once. But if you want to maximize your chances of passing the motorcycle knowledge test - download a copy of the manual and read it before you take any more practice permit tests!

Don't stop working on this free Kentucky motorcycle permit test (KY) Simulator 2019 until you can score 90% or higher every time you take the exam!  If you find the Simulator a bit too challenging, simply switch to using our regular practice permit test or help yourself to the online permit test cheat sheet!  Good luck at the office!