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Those who have done their research know that there is quite a variety of motorcycle permit test cheat sheets out there, some of them free, others require you to submit a payment, but most of the cheat sheets can be placed into two groups: printable DMV cheat sheets and motorcycle permit test cheat sheets that are designed similarly to practice permit test, with permit test questions and answers integrated into some form of a quiz.   While printable DMV cheat sheets have their own purpose, their effectiveness is significantly lower than that of practice permit quizzes.  If you see an offer with a KY DMV cheat sheet that promises to get you through the drivers permit test without any preparation or studying, walk away, even if a "money back guarantee" is advertised.  If you manage to find a paper with questions that will appear on your exam and download this KY motorcycle permit test cheat sheet to your iPhone, how do you intend on using it at the local DMV office?  The permit test is not an open-book exam, no outside materials are allowed, not even the drivers manual, and the only way to guarantee that you pass the first time you take the exam is to study for it.  This is why the only Kentucky motorcycle permit test cheat sheets we believe in are the ones that are built like practice quizzes, the ones that allow you to study for the knowledge test, the ones that don't sport unrealistic promises they can't deliver upon!

This free Kentucky DMV motorcycle cheat sheet comes in a form of a practice test, but this is not just a regular practice exam you might have taken before!  Build in the image of the real test, the DMV cheat sheet features 25 questions on traffic rules and KY road signs, but don't let this number fool you, the cheat sheet has so much more to offer!  Unlike a regular motorcycle practice permit test that utilizes a fixed set of questions, this online permit test cheat sheet makes the most out of its integrated knowledge base with hundreds of questions and builds a custom practice quiz for you every time you sign into the website! Whenever you begin the quiz, 25 random questions are chosen from the knowledge base, their order is shuffled around and a unique motorcycle sample exam is born!  

The grading system for this motorcycle drivers practice test is identical to the one used at the DMV - you need to answer at least 20 questions correctly to pass the exam.  Having said that, we do not recommend that you stop practicing once you real this milestone.  Remember that this is your bare passing minimum, if you want a guarantee that you pass the real DMV exam, you have to work towards a much higher grade on this motorcycle practice permit test.  We believe that a score of 90% or higher is the target you should be aiming at, as it creates a substantial safety cushion and ensures that you learn most of the things that may come up during the real written test. 

One of the great features of our 2019 Kentucky motorcycle permit test cheat sheet are the integrated study aids you can use to decipher answers to some of the most difficult questions.  We don't believe there's much learning value in choosing a random option whenever you don't know the right answer to a question and we offer you to use these study aids instead.  Clicking on the hint button will provide you with more information about the question and gently guide you towards the right answer.  Always use this option first.  When you cannot choose between two seemingly identical options - call upon the 50/50 button!  This option immediately hides two incorrect answers from the screen, leaving you to choose between the remaining two answers!  Finally, we recommend that you always keep a copy of the Kentucky motorcycle drivers manual by your side while working on the test, it's not called the KY permit test book for no reason!

Have fun with this free Kentucky motorcycle permit test (KY) DMV cheat sheet 2019 and make sure to check out the permit test Simulator before you pay the DMV a visit!  Good luck at the office!