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While there are hundreds of different ways to use the motorcycle learners permit test Simulator and whichever one you choose depends on you entirely (after all, who is to know your study patterns better than yourself), we'd like to venture a few suggestions that can save you a little time and help you prepare for the motorcycle drivers permit test quickly and efficiently. First thing's first - who will benefit from this motorcycle practice permit test and is this the right practice test for you?

Your Hawaii DMV motorcycle permit test Simulator was designed for two categories of students.  Number one - students who are just starting off on the road towards a drivers license, students who don't have much experience and would like to find out where they stand right now.  The motorcycle permit test Simulator can provide these students with a great starting point, help them set a benchmark to compare their results against as they acquire new skills and become better-versed in the subject of Hawaii traffic laws.   If this applies to you, we suggest that you take the test once or twice, but don't linger on it too much and do switch to using regular motorcycle practice permit test that are available on this website as soon as possible.  All of the motorcycle DMV practice tests you see on the website are arranged in the order of rising difficulty, following this order allows you to nurture your skills gradually, without being overwhelmed and discouraged by having to deal with difficult DMV permit test questions right from the start.  Don't worry about the time it takes you to go through a series of tests - you will actually end up saving time, compared to the scenario where you would be trying to learn the same amount of material by using the free motorcycle permit test Simulator alone. 

The second category of students who will find this Hawaii online motorcycle permit test Simulator extremely useful are those who have already invested some time into learning the rules of the road, have taken a number of drivers practice tests and want to find out if they are ready to schedule an appointment for the real motorcycle DMV written test yet.  The Simulator does an extremely good job at that, since it matches the real motorcycle drivers permit test it virtually every little detail.  The Simulator provides you with 25 DMV questions every time you take the exam (this is how many questions are on the Hawaii permit test, in case you're wondering), it features a grading system that is identical to the one used by the DMV and it covers the same set of subjects as the real exam (some of the questions you'll see on this motorcycle practice permit test come straight from the real DMV knowledge quiz). This allows you to gauge your skills against a real-life replica of the motorcycle permit test and find out whether it's time for you to visit your local DMV office or if you should spend another couple of days reading the drivers ed book and studying free practice tests. Your grades will help you decide on the next step and here is how to interpret them.

The real motorcycle permit test in Hawaii has 40 questions and you cannot miss more than 8 of them if you want to pass.  This amounts to the passing score of 80%.  Now, keep in mind, this is your bare passing minimum, one extra question you miss guarantees that you have to walk out of the office empty-handed and come back for your learners permit another day.  While you're working on this 2019 Hawaii motorcycle permit test Simulator, we recommend that you set the bar as high as 90% and don't go to the DMV until you can consistently answer 36 or more of these permit test questions correctly.  If you keep scoring between 80% and 90% - you are doing well, but you're not quite there just yet.  Switch to using the motorcycle permit test cheat sheet for a while and come back to the Simulator once your grades have improved a little.  Those who can't manage the score of 80% - please start from the very beginning: learn the basics with the help of regular permit practice tests and then work your way back to the Simulator!  Don't worry, it doesn't take long and we'll be here to hold your hand the entire time!  Whenever you have a question, whether it's about a Hawaii motorcycle practice permit test or the real exam, just drop it into comments and we'll be happy to answer it for you!