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Our Arkansas motorcycle drivers license test Simulator was designed to allow you to experience the atmosphere of the real DMV exam, without ever having to leave your house!  Grant you, we cannot provide you with a DMV clerk to stand over your shoulder while you're answering these motorcycle permit test questions, but as far as everything else goes, the Simulator is as close to the written permit test as you can get without actually visiting your local drivers license office.  The Simulator mimics the real exam is everything - the number of questions you get every time, lack of any additional materials or study aids, even the grading system is the exact replica of the one utilized by the state.  It may look like a regular Arkansas motorcycle practice permit test, but looks can really be deceiving.

The most notable difference between a regular motorcycle permit practice test and this drivers permit test Simulator is how sample questions for the exam are chosen.  A regular motorcycle practice test has to make do with a fixed set of questions and they remain the same no matter how many times you retake the exam, even though the order of questions may be shuffled or bumped around.   This is a great approach when you want to concentrate on a limited number of driving rules, really dig into them and learn each and every question before you proceed to the next exam.   However, when you are trying to assess your overall progress, you need something a little more demanding, a solution that would provide you with a challenge each and every time, just like the Simulator does!  Our free Arkansas motorcycle permit test Simulator is hooked up to a knowledge base that contains close to 200 sample questions for the motorcycle learners permit quiz and it draws upon this knowledge base to provide you with new questions every time you begin the exam.  Twenty five new questions are chosen at random and a custom motorcycle driving permit test is built on the spot for you!  This ensures that there is no bias with testing your current skills, no topic is given any preference and your overall progress is being assessed.

If you need help interpreting your results for this Arkansas motorcycle permit test Simulator 2019, we suggest that you utilize the following approach.  The DMV requires you to answer no less than  20 questions on the real motorcycle drivers permit test correctly, out of the total of 25 questions.  This amounts to the grade of 80%.  Mind you, this score is your bare passing minimum and we recommend that you aim significantly higher while working on this and any other Arkansas motorcycle permit practice test.  From our experience, a score of 90% or higher is the goal you should be working towards.  Those who are able to hit the 90% target every time they take the exam are likely to do just as well on the real test and we recommend that you schedule your DMV appointment as soon as possible (don't stop studying while waiting for the appointment, keep taking at least one or two sample quizzes every day).  A grade that falls between 80% and 90% is not a bad result either, but it shows that there are still some driving rules you are struggling with and you may need to nail them before you take the real exam.  Our recommendation is that you switch to using the Arkansas permit test cheat sheet, a sample exam that is structured just like the Simulator, yet offers you the convenience of integrated study aids that help you learn faster.   Students who score below 80% - don't despair just yet, we've got a system that will get you up to speed in no time at all!  Simply start with the first regular Arkansas motorcycle drivers permit practice test you see on the screen and work your way back up to the Simulator!  Regular sample quizzes are arranged in the order of gradually increasing difficulty and your skill with grow as practice tests get more and more challenging!

Remember that any tool is only as good as the person wielding it and this free Arkansas motorcycle permit test Simulator 2019 can only help you if you take the time to work on it!  Start early, do a little every day and you will nail the permit test at the DMV!