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Those of you who have come to this page trying to find out how to cheat on the Vermont motorcycle permit test or what is the best way to sneak a printout with a list of permit test questions and answers into the local DMV office - drop those silly thoughts, we've got something much better for you!  We are here to tell you (and we are fully aware of how strange this may sound, coming from a page that actually offers a DMV cheat sheet) that you do not need to cheat on your motorcycle permit test!  In fact, you need less time to develop the skills required for passing the Vermont motorcycle permit test than you would need to successfully prepare your "cheat the DMV clerk" operation.  Besides, if you thought you could simply download a PDF file with a Vermont motorcycle DMV cheat sheet to your iPhone (or print it out, makes absolutely no difference) and then take it into the local office with you - you've got another thing coming!  The clerks have seen virtually every trick there is in the book - write permit test questions on your arm, print them on the back of a Pepsi bottle label, look for answers to the DMV test on your iPhone and then tell the clerks that you were simply responding to a message when you get busted... These things have been tried many times and they don't work.  The moment you are observed trying to pull any of these dodgy moves, the exam is marked as failed and you are expelled from the office.  Do you really want to risk that if there is a simple alternative that allows you to prepare for your 2019 Vermont DMV motorcycle permit test in the matter of hours?

For our motorcycle learners permit test cheat sheet, we have chosen the format of a free DMV practice test.  Hold on, don't throw your arms up in indignation just yet.  We can already see you thinking "not another motorcycle drivers practice test, I've taken hundreds of those!".  You're right, this is not just yet another practice test, it is the ultimate study tool that is absolutely loaded with sample questions on signs and rules that will get you to the expert level as quickly as possible!  For starters, your free Vermont DMV motorcycle test cheat sheet is structured just like the real DMV test. This means twenty five multiple choice questions that cover the entire range of driving rules and road signs, anything from riding in a group to DUI offenses and carrying loads.  This means you get to practice in a real-life setup and there won't be any surprised when you finally find yourself in front of the DMV computer.   However, don't let this number fool you - 25 questions is not all you get.  In fact, your 2019 VT motorcycle permit test cheat sheet contains well over 200 DMV written test questions today and we keep adding new ones all the time!  Whenever you choose to take this motorcycle practice permit test and sign into the website, the system selects 25  random questions from the pool and builds a custom exam for you to enjoy! The process will be repeated every time you decide to take the test, so you are really facing an incredible opportunity to prepare for the knowledge exam with a virtually inexhaustible source of sample DMV test questions!

In addition to being hooked up to such an awesome question bank, your free Vermont motorcycle DMV cheat sheet is loaded with helpful guides that can guide you out of virtually any trouble!  Let's face it - regardless of your current level of preparation, there will always be a question or two you cannot answer off the top of your head, you simply cannot know everything!  Previously, you would have to choose a random answer and hope for the best, but is there any learning value in that? We highly doubt so!  This is why we have created these guides to help you find the right answer for every question!  Whenever you find yourself stuck, you have a choice between requesting a hint or having half of incorrect answers removed from the screen!   Go ahead and play with these options as much as you want, just don't forget to test your wits against the motorcycle learners permit test Simulator before you head off to the DMV!

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