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Hey, we know the permit test can be hard, we know that studying for the knowledge test is not as exciting as playing video games or enjoying the company of your peers, but if you want to pass the Ohio motorcycle temps test the first time you take it, you better buckle down and invest a bit of into learning traffic rules and road signs you will encounter during the test.  Our free motorcycle BMV cheat sheet is here to help you do that quickly, efficiently and without wasting much time on studying things that will never be on the real motorcycle BMV temps test. 

One thing we want to be very clear about - we do not condone cheating on the real Ohio BMV motorcycle permit test, in fact, we don't see any point in even trying to do so.  First of, there is no single magical BMV cheat sheet you could download to your smartphone or print out and then simply copy all motorcycle permit test answers off that cheat sheet.  We know you might have seen websites offering pdf files with "real Ohio temps test questions" for sale.  Who can vouch for credibility of those sites?  Are you sure you are not being ripped off, paying $10 or $20 for a cheat sheet that may not work, while preparing for the motorcycle BMV permit test won't cost you a penny?  Finally, even if you did find this magic Ohio motorcycle temps test cheat sheet that has hundreds of knowledge test questions (it has to have that many questions, since there are many different test papers used by the BMV), how do you imagine you are going to use it when you walk into that BMV office?  The real motorcycle permit test is not an open-book exam, you can't just pull out this print out and start matching it against the test you will be given.  No, you won't be allowed to look into your phone either, not even for a second.  Whoever is observed using the smartphone during the exam is failed and is escorted out of the office.  So here you are, you just wasted however much money and you failed the exam.  Not something you could call a happy ending, is it? 

There's certainly another way and that is to invest a little bit of your time into preparing for the temps test (trust us, it doesn't take that long!) and this is exactly what this free Ohio motorcycle BMV cheat sheet was designed for.  Our BMV cheat sheet is really a massive BMV motorcycle practice permit test, with hundreds of written test questions on Ohio road signs and road rules, molded into the same 25-question format as the real exam and appended with study aids that will help you with particularly hard questions.  It is extremely similar to the motorcycle BMV permit test Simulator you see right next to it, with a minor difference - the Simulator doesn't have any study aids and you will have to rely on yourself only. The 2019 motorcycle temps cheat sheet is a much more relaxed and laid back exam you can take in a less stressful environment, it will help you build some confidence and work up your courage for the challenge you will face at the BMV office.  Don't hesitate to use study aids whenever you feel like you cannot answer the question off the top of your head, that's what they are there for!

Good luck working on this free Ohio motorcycle temps test BMV cheat sheet 2019 and remember to go through the Simulator once you are done!