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There are two things you need to pass your Kansas motorcycle driving test successfully.  Number one - knowledge.  You will not be able to pass the motorcycle written driving test unless you know the rules of the road and are able to demonstrate that you can apply them in real-world situations.  This is one of the reasons why many of the Kansas motorcycle permit test questions have a few similar answers - students sometimes mistakenly refer to them as "trick questions".   However, this is wrong and the DMV is not trying to play any tricks on you - these questions were designed to help you concentrate on learning the rules instead of memorizing answers to a bunch of questions.  If you know the rules, you can tell the difference between the options provided and answer any permit test question, no matter how hard or "tricky" it may seem at first.  Having said that, we don't believe that knowledge by itself can guarantee that pass the exam the first time.  There are plenty of people who know the rules well enough to pass, however they don't do quite as well as they have hoped when they arrive to take the motorcycle learners permit test at a local DMV office.  These failures are the result of the inability to deal with stress and concentrate under pressure.    And this is where the second factor comes in - confidence.  If you are confident, you are composed and focused and you perform to your full potential.  These two factors work together in tandem and their successful coupling frequently results in a perfect score on the DMV exam!

This free Kansas motorcycle permit test Simulator was designed as a self-assessment tool to help you identify any weak spots you have, prepare for the DMV experience and boost your confidence level in the process.  The Simulator comes in the form of a motorcycle drivers license practice test, but it's not just a regular practice quiz you might have taken before.  For starters, it is shaped just like the real motorcycle DMV written test you will have to take at your local DMV office.  It contains 25 multiple choice questions and it covers the entire span of subjects you can expect to encounter on the real test: Kansas road signs, traffic offenses and penalties, signaling to other drivers and using headlights - it's all there!  We know we can't fit all that in just 25 questions, but that's the great thing about this Kansas motorcycle drivers license practice test - it is hooked up to a question bank with over 200  Kansas motorcycle permit test answers and we keep adding new ones all the time!  Whenever you begin the exam, the system selects 25 permit test questions and builds a unique custom exam for you right there on the spot!  This is done every time you take the exam and the more you take the test, the more subjects you will cover!  Another positive side of this approach is that you will never get bored of taking the same quiz over and over again!

Keep in mind - the motorcycle permit test Simulator was build primarily as a self-assessment tool, it works extremely well when you want to test your current skills or want to experience what the DMV visit is like, but if you are just starting off, you will need to learn the basics and any regular Kansas permit practice test on the website is better suited for this purpose.  We suggest that you exercise the following approach while working on the Simulator:

  • A score of 90% or higher (23+ correct answers).  Those who are able to hit this mark consistently should schedule a DMV appointment and take their Kansas motorcycle drivers license test as soon as possible. Be sure to take the practice test more than once to avoid any flukes.
  • A score between 80% and 90% (20-22 correct answers).  A very good result, you just need one final push to get to that sweet zone!  We suggest that you switch to using the driving test cheat sheet to get there faster, it's built just like this motorcycle drivers practice test, yet offers numerous study aids to help you with difficult questions
  • Anything less than 80% - we believe you should start with the basics and work your way back up to the Simulator. Start with the very first Kansas motorcycle DMV practice test you see on the site and take your time to work through all of the exams before you try your skills against the Simulator again!

While this approach has been proven to work by thousands of students just like you who have passed their Kansas motorcycle permit test in 2019, we won't force you to do anything you don't want to!  You know yourself best and you can follow whatever process suits your learning curve better!  Enjoy your free Kansas motorcycle driving permit test Simulator 2019 and good luck!