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You might have already noticed that this is not a typical Iowa motorcycle permit test cheat sheet you can expect to see out there.  A classic example of a DMV cheat sheet would include a lengthy list of permit test questions and answers, a "pass the first time or your money back" guarantee and no word as to how you are expected to use the cheat sheet to actually pass the exam.  Most students believe that they can simply download a pdf file with the motorcycle test cheat sheet to their iPhone, or print it out, and then take it into the DOT office to copy their permit test answers off that cheat sheet.  Don't be so naive as to believe that this will actually work.  The Iowa motorcycle permit test is not an open book exam (just in case you have not realizes that yet) and you will not be allowed to use any outside materials while taking the test.  Yes, this includes your smartphone, you are not going to be able to pull it out and use a dodgy excuse like you need to answer a call or check your messages.  If the clerks observe you as much as peeking at your iPhone, you can pretty much forget about walking out of that office with an Iowa motorcycle drivers license.

We believe that a DMV cheat sheet should not be considered as means of beating the system, it is just another learning tool, and this is why we have decided to build our Iowa motorcycle permit test cheat sheet in the form of one of the best permit test study tools available out there - a DMV practice test!  However, this is not just a regular motorcycle practice permit test you might have taken previously!  First, it is structured just like the real exam and contains the same number of questions (if you did not know how many questions are on the Iowa motorcycle permit test - it's 25, and you cannot miss more than 5 if you want to pass), but the real trick is in how those questions are chosen.  A regular 2019 Iowa motorcycle permit practice test usually deals with a fixed set of questions that is presented to you every time you take the quiz.  The order of those DMV questions may be changed, shuffled and rotated, but they will still be the same questions.  Mind you, there's nothing bad about that and it's a great approach that really works when you want to single out a limited number of questions and really nail them, but what if you want something that is a bit more fun?  That's what the Iowa motorcycle DMV cheat sheet is for!  Every time you sign into the website and begin working on the permit test cheat sheet, it chooses 25 random questions out of the knowledge base of over 200 Iowa motorcycle permit test answers and builds a custom practice exam for you right here on the spot!  The process is repeated every time you take the test to provide you with new fresh questions and help you stay engaged for hours!

And of course, the cheat sheet wouldn't be a cheat sheet if it didn't provide some assistance with the questions you find difficult!  Don't worry, we've got you covered on this front!  Your free Iowa DMV motorcycle permit test cheat sheet 2019 is loaded with study aids you can use whenever you find yourself at a dead end.  We suggest that you always start by requesting a hint, this will provide you with more information about the driving rule covered by the question and guide you towards the right answer.  It will certainly not be a dead giveaway and will require you to apply yourself to figuring out the correct answer.  If requesting a hint did not help, try the 50/50 option!  Clicking on the button will immediately remove two incorrect answers from the screen, so you have only two DMV answers to choose from, one of them definitely being correct!  Mind you, the 50/50 button should be your last resort, don't abuse it as your goal is to actually learn from this experience!

Got a question to suggest for this free Iowa DOT motorcycle permit test cheat sheet 2019?  Just drop it into the comment box on this page, we will research it and post it online next time the knowledge base is updated!