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You might have completed hundreds of different Iowa motorcycle practice permit tests, read the drivers manual twice and have covered every DMV permit test cheat sheet you could find - but how do you actually know that you are ready to visit your local DOT office and take the real motorcycle test and what your chances of passing the first time really are?  This is the job for our online Iowa motorcycle permit test Simulator, a practice permit test built in the image of the real exam, that follows the same format the real test does, utilizes an identical grading system and is filled with over 200 Iowa motorcycle drivers license test questions and answers! 

While this Iowa motorcycle learners permit test Simulator has retained many of the great features of our regular practice permit tests, it has a few notable characteristics that place it into an entirely different league of permit test study tools.  You might have already noticed that the Simulator presents you with 25 questions, instead of the usual 20-question set - this is exactly how many questions are on the Iowa motorcycle written permit test, but that's not its most peculiar trait.  What's even more important is the way these DMV questions are chosen for the exam.  A regular Iowa motorcycle permit practice test usually deals with a fixed number of questions and it displays these questions no matter how many times you take the exam.  The order of questions may be shuffled and switched around, but they are still the same questions at the end of the day.  Some motorcycle drivers license applicants make the mistake of taking just one motorcycle practice permit test, working their score up to an acceptable level and then visiting their local DOT office in the hopes that this was all they were required to learn.  The 2019 motorcycle learners permit test Simulator helps you avoid this mistake as it contains well over 200 sample DOT questions and we keep adding new ones all the time!  Whenever you begin the exam, the Simulator chooses 25 random questions from the knowledge base and builds a custom motorcycle practice permit test right on the spot!  This helps you to avoid any bias and provides you with a virtually limitless opportunity to study new questions every time!

Another distinguishing feature of the Iowa motorcycle drivers permit test Simulator is complete absence of any study aids you might have used while working on other sample exams.  The motorcycle permit test Simulator was designed as a self-assessment tool and so it expects you to rely only on what you have learned before you started the quiz.  The real motorcycle drivers permit test is not an open book exam, you cannot use any study aids or look for answers in the official Iowa drivers license study guide, try to do the same while you're working on the Simulator.    If you need a motorcycle practice permit test that is built just like the Simulator, yet offers assistance with difficult questions, try this Iowa motorcycle permit test cheat sheet!

According to the DOT, you cannot miss more than 5 questions on your real motorcycle DMV written test, which amounts to the score of 80%.  Keep in mind, this is just your bare passing minimum and you really want to aim higher, much higher while you're working on the Simulator.   We suggest you use the score of 90% as your target and don't visit your local DMV office until you can consistently answer 23 or more questions correctly on this free Iowa motorcycle permit test Simulator.  Be sure to complete the practice test at least twice and use an average of your grades to get an accurate estimate of your current skill.