Any driving student taking a DOT permit test in Iowa needs to base their study plan around the 2021 DMV drivers handbook, if they’re serious about passing first time. This permit test study guide is distributed by the Department of Transportation and has been written with the sole purpose of helping student drivers such as yourself pass the DOT exams. Consequently, it far surpasses all other unofficial study guides in terms of accuracy, efficiency and ease of use. It would be foolish to consider taking a DMV written test without first reading the permit book, not to mention completely unnecessary – as the Iowa study guide is a free resource! The DOT have ensured that no student driver from Iowa City, Cedar Rapids, Ames or Des Moines will ever have to worry about outdated or sub-standard learning material, by offering a free PDF download of their official 2021 driver’s permit book on their website.

Most students find owning a digital version of the Iowa book more convenient than a hard-copy, as the PDF file can be accessed any time they have their smart phone or tablet to hand, without needing to carry a heavy physical copy of the drivers manual around. If you particularly want a hard-copy of the Iowa permit study guide as well, you can order and pay for one on the DMV website too. While you wait for your book to arrive in the mail, you can still use the PDF version of the Iowa driver’s permit study guide to start preparing for your 2021 DOT written test.

Don’t make the mistake of putting your trust in less reputable learning tools, even if they market themselves as “user-friendly” or as an “easy way” to get ready for the Iowa DMV test. If any of the material contained in such a study guide is inaccurate, it could very well cost you a pass on the exam, not to mention time and money. There really isn’t any need to go looking for an “easier” option than the DMV handbook anyway! This is a driving manual which has been specifically designed to provide a positive learning experience for all commercial, motorcycle and regular learner drivers. Throughout the permit book text, you will find dozens of helpful images and guidance notes to help make studying more enjoyable. Plus, the language used in the book is clear and easily understood, so that even complete beginners with no previous driving knowledge can understand the material.

The exams for regular, motorcycle and commercial driving licenses share some similarities, in that they all feature questions on driving laws, rules of the road and road sign meanings. However, there are also some differences in the permit test questions between the three types of license. Therefore, it is extremely important that you download the correct version of the Iowa learners permit study guide for 2021 when you visit the DOT website; there are three to choose from and you should select the appropriate copy based on whether you are taking a regular, commercial or motorcycle learners permit test in Iowa. If you are a commercial driving student, you will also be pleased to know that the CDL DMV book contains material for the endorsement exams as well as the general knowledge permit test.

One thing often missing from the Iowa permit test book is a decent range of DOT test questions. When you’re ready for some permit test practice you’ll find exactly what you need, right here on We have a completely free DMV practice permit test for Iowa to accompany every DMV test! Combine our quizzes with the Iowa permit study guide for 2021 and your exam will be a walk in the park.

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