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If you’re looking for a 2020 CDL Class B practice test for Hawaii, you should start with this general knowledge practice permit test. The real general knowledge test forms the main part of the DMV permit test, regardless of which class of CDL permit you’re applying for. The real-life DMV test 2020 contains 50 questions which are based on the information in the DMV handbook and is a mandatory part of the testing process for Class A, Class B and Class C learner drivers.

The only real difference between the examination processes for each CDL permit class is the practical driving test and the supplementary endorsement tests which serve as “add-ons” to your drivers license. These smaller tests determine what type of load you can transport and what equipment you are qualified to operate. If you know which endorsements you want and are looking for a 2020 CDL practice test to help you along the way, don’t worry, we do have the full range of CDL practice quizzes so you’re bound to find the Hawaii DMV practice test you need! If you haven’t already revised for your general knowledge test, start here before tackling the separate endorsements. Our Hawaii general knowledge DMV practice test is based on actual questions you will encounter in the real 2020 DMV permit test, making it an invaluable study tool for all commercial learner drivers.

Not sure if you need to apply for a DMV CDL Class B permit? This class of DMV permit allows you to operate most mid-sized and medium-weight vehicles such as school buses and trucks. Most of the vehicles in this class are equipped with air brakes so you would also need to take the smaller Hawaii DMV test for an Air brake endorsement, which includes 20 questions about air brake operation. All other endorsements for this class are optional. For instance, you may wish to add on a Passenger endorsement if you hope to drive a school bus. This also comes with its own specialized DMV permit test and associated learners permit practice test. If you hold a Class B DMV CDL permit, you are also qualified to drive any smaller vehicles that fall into the lower, Class C category without needing to take an additional Hawaii DMV permit test – unless driving that vehicle calls for extra endorsements of course.

Even if you’re still not sure what class of DMV permit you want, our general knowledge DMV practice test for Hawaii is suitable for all classes, whether you live in Hilo, Kihei or Lihue – so why not get started? The test is completely free to use and has no time restrictions, so you can take your time working through the questions and re-take the test as many times as you want! There is no pressure to pass the practice CDL test straight away. Any incorrect questions will be highlighted as you go along and explanations will be given to help you understand how to find the correct answers.

It is important to remember that the DMV practice permit test is intended to be used alongside the Hawaii DMV handbook, not instead of the book. Ideally you should start with permit test practice to gauge your existing knowledge and give you an idea of which areas you particularly need to study using the DMV drivers handbook. Once you’ve revised those topics you can then return to your DMV test practice to see if you can improve on your original score. You might just be surprised how enjoyable studying can be with interactive tools like the Hawaii DMV CDL practice test!