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Traffic lights is one of the most overlooked topics on the permit test, most likely due to it apparent simplicity.  Red means stop, green means go, nothing hard about that.  Well, the permit test goes well beyond these basics and required you to know what green and yellow arrows are for, how to make turns against the red signal and what a flashing red light requires you to do.  Fortunately, our 2017 Mass traffic signals quiz is here to sort you out!  Once you are done with the quiz, you will learn all these signals and so much more!

Absolutely all sample questions on this MA traffic signals practice test are based on the information contained in the drivers manual, the book the real test is based upon.  We have selected questions that cover traffic signals that may come up on the permit test so you don't waste your time on studying what you don't need.  While reading the handbook is highly recommended, you can get by without it, provided you study all practice permit tests on the site and consistently get good grades on them!  All questions are state specific and will work equally well in Boston and Cambridge!

While this traffic light practice test for Massachusetts only features 20 multiple choice questions (the real test will have 25 questions total), these questions are picked at random from a large pool, which means you are really taking a new sample exam every time!  Each and every one of these questions is graded immediately, if you make a mistake, you are shown the correct answer, which helps you learn quicker!

Finally, the best part.  Just like any other practice permit test for MA on this website, this traffic signals quiz is completely free and you can keep taking it over and over again at no cost whatsoever!  If you like the exam, please share it through Twitter and Facebook so others can have a go at it too!