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Stop sign, yield, wrong way, divided highway begins, school crossing... We could go on and on, listing all signs in our 2017 Massachusetts road signs practice test, but why listen to us?  Just go ahead and take this free practice quiz, it only takes couple of minutes, you see your score right away and you can decide whether you are ready for the real deal once you are done with the whole quiz.  Believe us, there is nothing worse than failing your MA permit test just because you were too lazy to spend five minutes on studying road signs!  Five minutes, that's all it takes to complete this free MA road signs quiz!

Just like all other practice permit tests on the site, this sample exam features only multiple choice questions with three to five answers.  The sample exam contains 20 questions that cover road signs, road signs and nothing else.  Identifying road signs by shape and color, learning the difference between regulatory and warning signs, recognizing the danger based on the type of the warning sign - our Mass road signs practice permit test teaches you all these things.  Most questions are supplemented with great images of road signs, after all, how are you going to learn the signs if you can't even see them?

Worried whether this test will work in Boston?  Stop right there! The test works all over the Bay State, be that Boston, Springfield, Worcester or Lowell - as long as you are in Massachusetts, this test will do wonders for you! The exam is structured in the same way as the real permit test and the permit test is the same across the whole state, so why worry?

Obviously, we could not leave at that, without bragging just a little.  It's just too hard not to brag when we are giving this great Massachusetts road signs practice test absolutely free of charge! All we ask in return is that you share your test results with friends, see if they can beat you!  Keep on studying and good luck at the RMV!