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Why would anyone in the right state of mind want to study traffic signals? Green means go, red means stop, what is there to study?  Well, there is really much more to traffic signals that that and the DMV will make sure to ask the trickiest questions there is!  Thankfully, with our 2017 South Carolina traffic signals practice test, you are up to the test no matter what the DMV throws as you! The only thing you need to pass the permit test on the first try is a little bit of time and this traffic signals practice permit test!

Designed to be taken quickly, this free SC traffic signals quiz features 20 multiple choice questions that will provide you with immediate feedback!  Just pick an answer and you will see whether you are right and, in case you're not, the right answer right away!  And while it's definitely not a great idea to cheat on the South Carolina permit test, you can definitely do so on this practice quiz!  Feel free to keep the drivers manual open and research each and every questions with the help of the book!  Your permit test is based on that manual, this practice test is based on that manual, so why should you use anything else to prepare?

Wondering is the permit test is the same all across South Carolina?  Yes, it is, and that is why this SC traffic signals permit practice test works no matter where you live, be that Columbia, Greenville, Charleston or Myrtle Beach! 

Considering the fact that our SC traffic signals practice test is completely free, you've got absolutely nothing to lose! Take full advantage of the test and keep working it until you can honestly answer virtually each and every question there is! Remember, permit test questions on the sample exam are selected randomly from our knowledge base every time you take the exam, make sure to take the test more than once!  Good luck and share the exam on Facebook if you like it!