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Traffic signals is one of the most overlooked topics on the MVA permit test.  Seriously, what is there to know about traffic lights?  Green means go, red means stop, give me my learner's permit and I'm off! Well, this does not usually cut it! Do you know what to do when a traffic light is not working?  What does a flashing red signal stand for?  What do you do when a yellow arrow comes on?  Spend five minutes on our 2017 Maryland traffic signals quiz and you will not be dumbfounded by a permit test question again!

Just like the real permit test, our traffic signals quiz contains twenty multiple choice and true or false questions.  Most questions are supplemented with images to help yo understand the question better.  Just like any other practice test on the website, this Maryland traffic signals practice test is interactive and will show you correct answers immediately.  Feel free to write down those questions you accidentally miss so you won't make the same mistake twice!

All permit test questions in this MD traffic light practice test are state specific and are based on the official driver's manual, after all, we don't want you to waste time on things that won't be on your permit test, right?  And since the test is state-specific, you can take it anywhere - Baltimore, Frederick and Rockville - the practice test will work equally well in all of these places!

One more thing before we let you go. You probably noticed this already, but we just can't stop bragging about this!  Our online traffic signals quiz for Maryland is completely free!  Not a penny out of your pocket!  Save the money for the MVA and good luck with the practice test!