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Want to know all road signs that will be on your Colorado permit test?  You've come to the right place!  We have collected all traffic signs that may come up on your DMV knowledge exam and included them info this free 2017 Colorado road signs practice test! Learn how to identify road signs by shape and color, a skill you will definitely need to pass the permit test the first time! Know the difference between regulatory and warning signs, learn what those numbers on green guide signs mean! Stop what you're doing and take the practice test right now!

Designed to be taken quickly, this Colorado road signs quiz features only twenty questions, but it does not mean that it only covers twenty road signs! Questions are selected randomly from a large database every time, it's just like taking a completely new exam! Make good use of this feature and keep retaking the test until you cover everything!

All permit test questions are multiple choice and will provide you with immediate feedback as soon as you select an answer!  We believe this provides for better study experience, you learn as you go through the test and don't have to complete the whole quiz to know what you've done wrong!  You can even keep a driving handbook open and check every practice test answer in the book!

We want to make sure you are studying the right stuff and that is why verified each and every questions against the official Colorado drivers manual, the same book the real knowledge test is based on! It does not matter what part of the Centennial State you live in, be that Denver, Colorado Springs, Aurora or Boulder - this Colorado road signs practice permit test will work equally well!

Oh, something we just can't stop bragging about - our CO road signs test is completely free!  Keep your money for the DMV, we are giving this permit practice test away for free!  The only thing we ask in return is that you share the exam on social networks if you find it useful!  Good luck at the DMV!