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Road signs is one of the most important subjects of the 2019 Wisconsin permit test and you simply cannot afford going into the DMV office unprepared! Up to a third of the entire temps exam can be dedicated to road signs, this is truly a single topic that makes or breaks the test and ignoring it can cost you dearly!   This free Wisconsin road sign temps practice test was designed as a self-evaluation tool to help you assess your current skills and identify any potential trouble before you find yourself in front of the DMV computer, so make the most out of this opportunity!

While this Wisconsin temps practice test may look like a regular sample exam at first glance, it contains a number of features that place it into an entirely different league of permit test study tools.  For starters, take the number of Wisconsin temps test questions you get access to.  The exam is connected to a question bank with over 100 Wisconsin road signs, all of them taken either from the real permit test or developed with the help of the official drivers ed handbook, the same book the real test is based upon.  All of the questions are multiple choice, with three or four answers provided for every question, most of them supplemented with great images of road signs.  Whenever you begin your online temps practice test, the system selects 20 random questions from this knowledge base and builds a custom permit exam for you on the spot!  The process can be repeated over and over again as many times as you choose and you will always end up with unique testing experience!  This leads to two great outcomes - you don't get bored having to do the same questions over and over again; and you get reliable results for the exam since you don't have an option of choosing easy questions over their more difficult counterparts.

When it comes to interpreting results for this 2019 WI temps practice test, we want to ask you to change the approach you might have gotten used to while working on other permit practice tests on this website.  For most of our sample quizzes, we recommend using a grade of 90% as a target score and upgrading to the next exam whenever you can consistently hit that target.  This works perfectly for regular quizzes and provides you with sufficient coverage of driving rules to ensure that you pass the real Wisconsin drivers permit test.  However, since road signs are truly the most important topic on the temps test and contribute so many points towards your DMV written test grade, we suggest that you really nail this exam and don't quit until you can answer every one of these questions correctly!   It doesn't take much time, since road signs are quite easy to learn, but the value you get from this is hard to overestimate.

A point to note - this road signs practice permit test does not contain any study aids and if you are using it to gauge your current skills, you should not have any accessible study materials in your vicinity.  Don't peek for answers in the drivers manual, take down any road sign study sheets you may have posted on your wall, don't use any notes if you want to get reliable results from this Wisconsin road sign temps practice test 2019! The only person you end up cheating is yourself and you really don't want to be doing that.  Of course, things are different if you are just learning, but we recommend that you use regular practice permit tests for that purpose, they help you achieve your goal much quicker with the help of integrated study aids.  Enjoy your temps practice test and good luck!