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Ignoring DMV road signs is somewhere at the top of the list of mistakes made by first-time drivers license applicants.  It's understandable - it's extremely easy to overestimate your level of familiarity with the subject, after all, we are exposed to road signs from a very early age.  We see road signs and learn to use them as pedestrians, we pick up the basics as we ride along as passengers with friends or relatives - road signs really are a huge part of our lives, so by the time we get to take the Wisconsin DMV written test, we believe ourselves to be thoroughly prepared for the challenge and feel confident about passing the exam the first time.  The problem is that the DMV will expect you to demonstrate a completely different level of proficiency during the WI DMV permit test and knowing the basics simply does not cut it.  Identifying road signs by shape, knowing what different colors of traffic signs mean, how to group Wisconsin road signs into different categories and assign priorities based on these groupings - these are just some of the things you will be required to do when you show up for your Wisconsin DMV temps test (not to mention being able to identify approximately 50 road signs on sight).

Feeling anxious yet?  You shouldn't be. While all of the things stated above should make you stop and think, they should not be a cause for concern, there's good news too. Wisconsin road signs are relatively easy to learn and you can start right now with the help of this free Wisconsin road sign DMV practice test. The sample quiz contains 20 essential road signs to get the ball rolling and it does not take long to complete - five minutes of your time is all you need!  Now, five minutes may not seem like much time and it really isn't - but the time will add up, you just need to start early and keep taking this and other WI DMV practice tests on the website as frequently as possible (from our experience, an average student needs around two weeks to prepare for the exam).  All questions on this DMV temps practice test are multiple choice, most of them contain great images to help you learn and recognize traffic sign on sight, however don't get freaked out if you see a question without an image, it is not a technical issue so don't start fiddling with your iPhone settings just yet.  Some of the questions on the real permit test in Wisconsin follow this format, the DMV demands that you identify road signs based on their textual description and we simply mimic that approach to help you prepare for the exam.

Continuous feedback throughout the entire practice test is an important factor that helps you learn faster, all written sample quizzes on the website are graded on the fly and this 2019 Wisconsin DMV road sign practice test is no exception to the rule.   Whenever you choose a wrong answer, the system will alert you to the fact by highlighting your answer in red and displaying the correct answer (along with a detailed description of the road sign covered by that question) so you can learn right there in that moment.  If this if your first time taking the DMV practice permit test, we wouldn't worry about those mistakes too much.  Just make sure to take the practice test again (remember, it doesn't cost you anything) and see if you've learned those questions.  Keep doing this until you learn every sign on the DMV practice test and proceed to the next quiz you see on this page!

To those who don't settle for nothing less than perfect and want to be prepared for every challenge the DMV can come up with, we recommend supplementing this online road sign practice test for Wisconsin with road sign study sheets.    Printable DMV study sheets are great, since you can post them on the wall in your bedroom or some other place you frequent so they are in front of your eyes as much as possible.  You can usually purchase some study sheets from one of the commercial driving schools, but there are plenty of free options available too and the official Wisconsin drivers ed handbook is the first place to look!  Pages 13-16 contain a list of road signs you need to know for your Wisconsin DMV temps permit test and guess what - you can print them!  Just download a pdf file with the book to your computer, print these pages and you've got yourself a set of awesome free Wisconsin DMV road sign study sheets!

Enjoy your free Wisconsin DMV practice test on road signs and don't forget to like the page on Facebook and Tweet about it!  Good luck at the office!