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Welcome to your final challenge, the last practice permit test to take before you head off to your local DMV office and try yourself against the real learners permit test!  This is it, the top of the mountain!  Over 500 sample knowledge test questions on road rules and road signs that are highly similar, sometimes identical, to the real ones, the same 25 multiple choice questions format and no study aids!  This is as close to the real thing as you will ever be without actually visiting the office!  Strap in and good luck!

Our free learners permit test simulator for West Virginia is extremely simple to use and does not require you to undergo any "training sessions" just to learn how the whole thing works.   Twenty five multiple choice questions on rules and signs every time, every question has only one possible answer and you cannot use study aids or the drivers manual while working on the exam.  In order to maximize your learning experience, our 2020 WV learners permit test practice test offers immediate feedback, there is no need to wait until the end of the exam to find out what questions you have missed.  We tell you whether you are right or wrong right there on the spot so you can correct yourself and learn the right answer to the question.  You get a chance to review all questions you have missed during the test on the page with your final results, where you will also have an option to repeat the test once again or switch to one of the easier regular learners permit practice quizzes. 

There is no single topic the real West Virginia learners permit test concentrates on, so the question "what do I need to study for my permit test" is really quite pointless.  Road signs and road rules is the answer, but it does not tell you much, does it?  The DMV permit test covers a broad spectrum of topics: you can expect to see knowledge test questions on various driving maneuvers, such as turning, passing, changing lanes or stopping; drug and alcohol awareness questions that will assess how well you know what effects drugs and alcohol may have on your driving ability; parking regulations that require you to learn how to correctly park the vehicle on a hill and various parking restrictions; communication and signalling to other drivers.... We could really go on for hours describing different rules you need to learn for your 2020 WV learners permit test, but what's the point?  They are all covered by our free West Virginia learners permit practice test simulator and you can see what the test is like for yourself!

Another common question among first-time test takers is how much time should they invest into preparing for the drivers permit test and taking this practice quiz?  Once again, it's not about the time, it's about the grades you can achieve on the exam.  Anything below 80% is an automatic fail.  In fact, if you keep on scoring below 80% after taking the learners permit practice test a few times, we recommend that you switch to one of the easier practice quizzes on the site and come back to the permit test simulator once you've gained some confidence.  A grade that falls between 80% and 90% is good, but you should keep working on raising it even further.  A consistent score of 90% and above is a pass, you get a medal for being awesome and we can almost guarantee that you will not have any troubles passing the real West Virginia learners permit test!

We've given you every tool you may possibly need to pass your DMV permit exam - a drivers permit book, free practice permit tests and this free West Virginia learners permit practice test simulator 2020, now it's all up to you!  Good luck!