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Leaving road signs out of your permit test study sessions is one of the worst ideas you could come up with.   The importance of traffic signs cannot be overstated - almost a third of all questions on your Washington permit test can cover traffic signs, why would you choose to ignore the subject that is worth a third of your overall grade?  You may believe that you know the signs well enough to not study them, but you will never know for sure until you test yourself with the help of real-life Washington permit test questions.  This is what this WA road signs DOL practice test was designed for, to help you estimate your chances of answering road sign questions correctly and passing your learners permit test the first time you take it!

This self-assessment tool may look similar to regular DOL practice tests you might have worked on before, but it really isn't your average online practice permit test.  For starters, this is a topical exam, it only cover Washington permit test questions that pertain to road signs, you will not see any questions on defensive driving or highway safety here.  Straight to the point, no jazz - nothing but road signs.  Twenty multiple choice questions on Washington road signs every time you sign in to take this free DOL practice test.  And by the way, don't let this number fool you!  Unlike a regular practice permit test, this WA state DOL practice test does not work with a fixed question set, sample questions will change every time you sign into the page!  The exam is connected to a knowledge base of over 100 questions that cover WA road signs and the system pull 20 random questions for you to practice with every time you begin the test. This helps to avoid any bias and ensures that you don't mislead yourself into focusing on easy questions only.  At the same time, this creates a certain drawback, such as not being able to repeat the same quiz twice - whenever you restart the exam, you will get a new set of questions.  This is not a bad thing and if you want to study with the same question set, simply switch to using our regular road signs practice tests instead, then come back to this self-assessment DMV practice test once you've build up a solid foundation of traffic signs!

We usually recommend that you keep on working on any exam on the website until you can score 90% or higher, which amounts to 18 correct answers on this practice permit test.  However, since traffic signs are so important and they comprise such a large portion of the WA state permit test, we suggest that you take the time and practice these questions until you learn all of them!  Don't worry, it doesn't take that long, especially if you started early (starting 2-3 weeks before your DOL appointment gives you enough time to prepare for the exam) and you will be done in no time at all!

Got a question to suggest for this free Washington road signs DOL practice test (WA) 2019?  Post it into the comment box on the page and we'll include it into the knowledge base for the next test update!  Good luck at the DOL!