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We are not going to waste our time describing how great our permit practice tests are and how taking this single free Virginia practice permit test 2019 will help you pass the real DMV test the first time you take it.  We don't see any point in trying to convince you about things you already know.  The fact that you are here and that you are taking this learner's permit practice test speaks for itself - you know that practice tests work and you appreciate the fact that studying VA DMV test questions now will get you through the DMV visit just fine! 

We will do one thing, though.  We will disillusion you about the need to read the driver's manual.  You might have heard about or read about people who "nailed the DMV permit test without ever reading the manual or doing any studying at all".  Some of you may have even believed that this is a common thing and that studying for the permit test is no longer required, the test is just too easy by itself.  Let us stop you right there!  Preparing for the permit test is a must, reading the drivers handbook is a must, taking Virginia permit practice tests is a must!  Sure, there are people who skipped one or a few of these steps and still passed at the DMV.  However, for every person who chose this way and passed there is another twenty people who followed in their stead and failed!  Seriously, the passing rate for people who don't study for the DMV knowledge test is extremely low!  If you have not taken a drivers education course, start reading the manual right now!  You can even read it while working on this online Virginia practice permit test - if you miss a question, open the book immediately and research the answer in the book!  Looking for permit test answer will help you commit these driving rules to memory faster!

Hopefully, we got the questions of reading the permit test book out of the way, now let's talk about the VA DMV practice permit test you are currently taking a bit more.  The quiz consists of twenty multiple choice questions on signs and rules, you have to answer at least 17 of them correctly to pass.  Bear in mind, though, 17 correct answer is barely a pass and we recommend that you don't stop working on the practice permit test until you can answer 19-20 questions correctly every time.  Don't worry, it won't take you long, since the test will always display you the same twenty questions, no matter how many times you take it. The order of questions may change, but their will still remain the same questions!

To keep things fun and interesting, we have prepared a number of study aids you can use while taking this Virginia permit practice test 2019.  Study aids are located under the "HELP ME" section and you can use them whenever you find yourself stuck.  The 50/50 button immediately removes two incorrect answers from the screen, making a job of finding the right answer much easier.  Clicking on the HINT button will provide you with more details about the question, hopefully helping you to navigate to the right answer.  We recommend that you always use the HINT option first and follow up with the 50/50 button in particularly hard cases!

Without further ado, we leave you with this free Virginia practice permit test (VA) 2019!  Enjoy and good luck at the DMV!