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At last you are here, at the end of the road and ready for the final challenge - our free Virginia DMV practice permit test simulator 2019.  Hundreds of permit test questions on signs and rules, graded just like the real DMV exam, no study aids of any kind - are you up to the test?  Don't rush into it if you have not taken other VA practice permit tests we have on the website, all of our DMV practice tests were designed to be progressively harder. Make sure to study all other practice tests first and come back when you feel that you are ready for the real deal!

Tailored just like the real DMV quiz, this DMV practice permit test for VA consists only multiple choice questions.  While the exam will present you with only 35 questions at a time, don't let that fool you.  DMV test questions are randomly drawn from a large knowledge base every time you begin the exam, it's like having hundreds of different permit practice tests on a single page at your disposal!  Refresh and the page and bam! - you have yourself a completely new DMV practice test to work with!  Keep in mind, though, refreshing the page will lead to complete forfeiture of the current quiz, we recommend that you finish all the questions and review your results before you order a new test!

The quiz covers a great range of driving rules and traffic signs, everything you need to know for the real permit test.  Parking on hills, seat belt laws, fines and tickets, drug and alcohol awareness, speed limits, teen driving laws, using a cell phone while driving - our free DMV VA practice test covers this and many other topics.  If you are looking to work on a specific chapter of the drivers handbook, make sure to check out the topical quizzes, such as the VA DMV road signs practice test or the traffic signals quiz.

Some people worry about completing drivers ed before taking the learners permit test. Let us put your mind at ease - drivers ed is not mandatory for adults and you don't have to take it unless you are under 18 years of age.  However, what you need to do is to read the official Virginia drivers manual.  The real DMV test in VA is based on the book, you won't be able to find a permit test question the book can't answer for you.  When it comes to preparing for the permit exam, the driver's handbook is your Bible.  If you read the book while taking this DMV practice permit test for VA, you are really not leaving yourself a chance to fail!

You may have noticed that our VA DMV Permit Test Simulator 2019 does not have any of the study aids you may have gotten used to while going through other practice permit tests on the website.  The reason why we chose not to grant you access to those study tools within this DMV practice test is very simple - you won't have any help from anyone during the real permit test. The simulator is about answering DMV permit test questions without any outside assistance and that's exactly what it delivers.  If you want a practice permit test that follows the same format but has study aids, check out our online Virginia DMV permit test cheat sheet.  The cheat sheet is built just like the Simulator, but you can use HINTs and the 50/50 option while working on it! 

Remember, all it takes to nail the real Virginia DMV permit test in 2019 is a little time and dedication!  Study with the help of this DMV permit practice test simulator for 10-15 minutes every day and you won't notice how quickly you get there!