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It is finally here!  A real challenge, a practice permit test on road signs and road rules with hundreds of learners permit questions and answers for Vermont!  Questions based on the official 2020 drivers manual! Now, if you just landed on this page and have not taken any other practice exams yet, make sure to start with the first one and work your way up to this free Vermont permit test practice (VT) Simulator 2020, practice quizzes were arranged in the order of difficulty!  Everyone else - welcome and good luck!

When we were working on the permit test simulator, we wanted to keep every little detail of the real exam and what a marvelous job we have done!  Our Vermont practice permit test simulator is structured just like the real exam - 25 multiple choice questions, with three or four answers for each question.  Although it may seem as if more than one answer fits from time to time, always goes for the one that fits best.  The test is graded on the go and we alert you whenever you happen to make a mistake and answer a question incorrectly.  Don't worry about writing the question down at this point, you will get another chance to review the exam once you are done with all twenty questions. 

What's on this permit practice test?  Road signs and road rules, truly, but if you want to go into details, you will see that it's really more than just the rules.  Sharing the road with bicyclists, motorcycles, emergency vehicles and school buses; driving maneuvers, such as merging, passing, entering the highway and stopping; parking on hills and parking regulations; speed limits on the highway and in school zones; defensive driving, distracted driving and driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol; railroad crossings and countless permit test questions on Vermont road signs with amazing images - our practice permit test has all that and so much more!  One thing is for certain - if the real DMV exam covers the topic, so does our free Vermont permit test practice Simulator 2020!

Some of you might have gotten used to calling upon integrated study aids while working on other free practice quizzes on the website and now feel somewhat lost without them.  Sorry about that, we are just trying to show you what the real permit test will be like.  The clerks at the DMV won't allow you to use any outside materials when you will be taking the real exam and you should learn to rely only on what's inside your head.   If you feel that you are not ready to take on the real DMV permit test yet, simply switch to using our online Vermont DMV cheat sheet, it follows the same format this practice permit test and uses the same knowledge base, yet offers assistance with any hard question you may encounter.  Once your confidence is built up, come back and continue working on the DMV test Simulator!

How do you know you are ready for the real deal?  First off, you have to feel confident, you have to feel that you are prepared, you have to know deep inside that the DMV can't really surprise you with anything you can't handle.  Your grades on this free VT permit practice test 2020 is another good indication of your current skill level.  If you keep scoring below 80%, we are sorry to say that you are quite far from passing your learners permit test.  In fact, if you can't score 80% on the Simulator, we recommend that you pick up a copy of the Vermont drivers manual and switch to using regular practice permit tests for beginners we have on the website.  Don't worry, it won't take you long, you'll cover the basics and will be back to cracking away at the learner's permit test Simulator in no time! Now, if you keep scoring between 80% and 90% - good job, good job indeed, but don't stop just yet.  Keep working on the practice test until you can consistently receive a score of 90% and higher!  Now you are ready!  Pack up your things, schedule and appointment with the DMV and nail that drivers permit test!

That's it, the ball is in your court now!  We've given you the ultimate study tool, our online Vermont practice permit test (VT) Simulator 2020, now it's up to you to invest a little time into learning the rules! Good luck at the DMV and please hit us back once you pass the exam!