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We could chatter away for hours, recounting hundreds of different reasons why it is so important to study road signs for the Utah permit test, but it all comes down to one simple truth you need to realize - up to a third of your learners permit test score will be determined by how well you know your signs.  That's right, a third of all questions on the DMV permit test can cover traffic signs and considering how easy they are to learn, you would be a fool not to take advantage of this opportunity and secure 30% of your grade right now!  Our free Utah road signs DMV practice test will help you determine how well you know your signs and pinpoint DMV questions you may have missed during your previous study sessions.  Five minutes of your time - this is all it takes!

While this free Utah practice permit test may look like a regular practice test, these looks are deceiving.  The exam was designed as a self-assessment tool, it is geared towards helping you evaluate your current skills and, just like any tool, it has its own set of pros and cons.  The first and most notable difference lies in how the system chooses DMV test questions and answers for this exam.  A regular practice permit test always operates with a predefined set of sample questions and these questions never change, no matter how many times you do the exam.   The alignment of questions may be shuffled, questions may be switched around, but they will still be the same 2o questions at the end of the day.  This approach works great when it comes to learning new things, but offers limited value when you want to assess your overall proficiency.  This is why this Utah practice permit test uses a completely different technique and provides you with new sample questions every time you take the exam!  The practice test is hooked up to the question bank that contains over 100 sample questions on Utah road signs.  Whenever you begin the exam, the system chooses 20 new random questions from the knowledge base and assembles a unique sample exam for you to work on.  This means no bias, you will not be able to avoid having to answer difficult questions and you will know exactly where you stand in terms of road signs!  Having said that, we recommend that you use this practice exam ONLY for self-assessment, if you are trying to study road signs, you are better off with using regular permit practice test, as they have a number of integrated study tools that will help you learn at a faster pace!

There's one more thing we wanted to mention before we let you off on the adventure and that is how to correctly interpret your grades for this DMV practice test.  Students who have already done they fair share of Utah permit practice tests on the website know that we usually recommend that you get your grades up to the 90% mark, and then move on to the next sample exam.   This is true for most practice quizzes out there, but not for this road sign practice test!  Due to the extreme importance of traffic signs, we suggest that you continue working on this DMV practice test until you can get a perfect score consistently!  We know this may seem like an overkill to you now, but it will really pay off later down the line!

Got a question you would like to suggest for this free Utah road signs DMV practice test 2020?  Just drop it into the comment box on the page and we'll include it into the next knowledge base update!  Thanks and good luck at the DMV!