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Those who are thinking of going into their local DMV office and taking the learners permit test without reading the drivers handbook, taking a single Utah DMV practice test or preparing with the help of other online study tools available out there - now would be a good time to reconsider.  If you have read up on the DMV written test, you should know that more than a half of all first-time tests takers fail the exam, and this includes people who actually took the time to prepare.  What does this mean to you?  This means that your chances of passing the drivers permit test without studying first are so slim they are not even worth mentioning and you will be right back where you started after you visit the office - sitting at home, hating yourself for not studying in the first place!

There are three primary reasons why people choose to ignore all of the learners permit study tools and go into the office, trying to wing the exam (we're getting a little ahead of ourselves, but let us tell you right now that this online DMV permit practice test for Utah will help you fight all these excuses). 

Excuse #1.  "I do not have any free time to study for the DMV knowledge test".  This does sound feasible at first, we know how busy our lives really are today and how many chores we have to go through each and every day.  Projects to complete, deadlines to cover - having another exam to study for can put a lot of stress onto a person.   The mistake lies in the belief that studying for the learners permit test takes a lot of time, which is really not true!  Completing these 20 Utah DMV test questions takes less than 5 minutes, and you don't have to be in front of a computer to do that - just sign into the practice test from your iPhone and complete it whenever you have a moment to spare.  Sure, you will most likely have to take it more than once and you will probably need to take other practice permit tests on the website too, but five minute study sessions are much easier to manage than lengthy permit test lessons or drivers education classes that can take hours!  The secret is to start early, at least two-three weeks in advance, and work on this 2020 Utah DMV practice test as frequently as possible, let minutes add up to hours and hours add up to a successfully completed DMV learners permit test!  Minutes matter - keep stacking them up!

Excuse #2.  "The Utah permit test is common knowledge".  Well, maybe this one is a little true - but only to those who know their driving rules and road signs!  The DMV permit test in Utah exceeds what usually passes for common knowledge by far, as the DMV expects you to be fully proficient in all aspects of the state traffic law before letting you loose on public roads.  Do you know the current BAC limit for drivers with less than 2 years of driving experience?  What cell phone restrictions are imposed onto a driver under the age of 18?  What gear do you leave the vehicle in if you are parked downhill and do you need to set your handbrake if your wheels are turned towards the side of the road?  Those who can answer all of these questions and do so correctly - kudos, you are quite well versed in the matters of driving rules and we believe you have a good chance of passing the DMV knowledge test.  Anyone who struggles with these questions, even if it's just one of them - stop fooling around and begin studying, starting with this free Utah DMV permit practice test!  Seriously, do it right now!

Finally, the last and the most illogical excuse, yet one that plagues so many students - there is just too much stuff to learn, too many rules to cover, so I will not study at all.  It's understandable how one can feel a little overwhelmed by the amount of materials the state requires you to learn for the DMV learners permit test, but you should not give into that feeling.  In fact, there is a simple recipe that helps you make any task manageable - break it into a few smaller pieces!  Instead of thinking about how many different rules you need to study, start working on this online Utah DMV practice test!  It has only 20 Utah DMV test questions and answers, anyone can do that and once done, who is to stop you from taking another practice test?  Take it in small steps, baby-steps, in fact, and you will learn everything you need before you know it!

We hope this free Utah DMV permit practice test 2020 will help you find the motivation you need to prepare for your learners permit test and you will pass the exam the first time you take it!  Good luck!