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A few simple facts for those of you who did not have a chance to read up on the learners permit test and don't know what the entire experience is like.  Fact 1: most drivers license applicants choose to go into the DMV office without studying for the DMV written test.  Fact 2: more than half of the drivers license applicants fail the Utah permit test the first time they take it.  Fact 3: the majority of those who fail the exam the first time do well the second time around, once they invest a little time into reading the drivers license handbook and taking free practice permit tests.  Fact 4: if you think that the Utah driver license test is an open book exam - you're in for a surprise. Now that you know this, here is an interesting question - why not do the right thing from the start and prepare for the test before you go into your local DMV office for the first time?   It is the most logical thing to do - it saves you time, money and a lot of disappointment.  Why ruin the whole experience for yourself by going into the DMV office unprepared and having to suffer the shame of failing yet another exam when all it takes is a little time spend doing fun quizzes?  That's right, passing the learners permit test is that easy and this free Utah drivers practice test will show you how to achieve that in the least possible amount of time!

What is this Utah drivers learners permit practice test is all about?  It's a study tool that helps you get one step closer to passing the written knowledge test without feeling overwhelmed, stressed or frustrated by the experience.  The practice quiz contains 25 questions on Utah road signs and traffic rules, all of them being multiple choice, with four answers provided for every question.  Why multiple choice?  Because this is the format of the real DMV exam, why stray from it, when you can get into the habit of working with real-life permit test questions and answers right from the start!  While you're working on the test, remember that only one of the answers for any question is correct, even if you are having trouble choosing between two similar options at first.  Do not rush and take your time to work through each one of the provided choices, you're bound to find the one that answers the question to the fullest.  These questions were not created to confuse you into making a mistake, this is the kind of wording you can expect to see on the real Utah drivers permit test and you better get used to dealing with it right now! 

Your 2020 Utah drivers license practice test is graded on the fly and you are always alerted to any mistakes you make the instant they take place.  And while we're on it - don't worry about any mistakes at this stage, especially if this if your first time taking the drivers practice test.  Mistakes are part of the learning process, they help you identify any traffic rules you are struggling with and eliminate these shortcomings before they develop into a failed knowledge exam.  Treat your mistakes as opportunities to learn and our drivers permit practice test will help you achieve just that!  Whenever you make an error on the test, the practice permit test pauses your progress, highlights the wrong answer that you've chosen in red and displays the correct answer for you.  On top of that, the online drivers license practice test will provide a detailed explanation for the question you have missed, so you don't have to spend time on searching the drivers manual for answers right now.  Stay focused, stay in the moment and keep working on this quiz!  We suggest that you set yourself a target grade you'll be working towards (90% sounds about right to us) and don't stop taking the test until you hit that mark! 

We've mentioned "not reading the drivers manual" before and we want to clarify something before you we let you go.  When we say that you should not spend time on searching the book while taking this test, this is exactly what we mean - we want you to be focused on the task at hand, and that is answering as many questions on this free Utah drivers permit practice test correctly as possible.  However, we do recommend that you read the book and do it before you begin studying with these practice quizzes, the book really is the best Utah drivers permit test study guide you'll ever find and it is offered to you completely free!  A point to note - the real drivers license test is based on this book too, the fact that automatically makes it the best possible Utah permit test study aid!  Don't ignore it!

We know you have enjoyed this free Utah drivers permit practice test 2020, so please don't hesitate to share it with friends who may be taking the test soon!  Thanks and good luck at the DMV!