Quick note: This test is timed! You have N MINUTES to complete the test! All unanswered questions will be marked as incorrect. Good luck and godspeed!

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This free Tennessee road signs drivers license test is built around 20 questions that cover road signs and nothing but road signs.  Just like with the real TN permit test 2019, all questions are multiple choice with four answers provided for every sample question.  Only one the answers is correct and the system won't allow you to choose more than a single option, so don't even try it - the first option you click upon will be marked as the chosen answer.  The drivers practice test is graded on the fly and are always shown whether you have answered the question correctly.  Don't worry about making mistakes, especially if this is your first time taking this Tennessee practice permit test - mistakes happen, they are a normal part of the learning process and they help you pinpoint the signs you might have missed while reading the drivers license test study guide (we'll come back to the book a bit later).  The practice exam will always bring your attention to any mistake you make and provide a clear way of correcting them - the right answer will be highlighted in green and a detailed description of the corresponding street sign will be displayed.  By the way, don't bother about writing down the questions you have missed or explanations for them - once you are done with the entire driving practice test, you will receive yet another opportunity to review all these questions before retaking the exam.

How many times do you need to retake this Tennessee state road signs practice test?  This one's one up to you!  We recommend that you use the final grade that you see at the end of the test as an indicator to help you determine your next steps.  Anything higher than 80% is good, but we suggest that you continue taking this free TN practice driving permit test until you're past the 90% mark.  Once you've reached the target grade, move on to the next practice permit test on the list and don't forget to run a self-evaluation with the help of the permit test Simulator!

Some of the questions that cover road signs on the Tennessee permit test don't have any images, as the DMV expects you to be able to identify road signs from their textual descriptions.  Another type of question that may not always have an image is the one that requires you to identify a road sign by its shape or color.  This is an important one and you can expect to see at least one or two questions like this on every drivers permit test paper.  We have included plenty of road signs questions like that into this free TN drivers permit practice test, but make sure you read all corresponding chapters of the drivers permit book too (it's pages 35-36 of the current handbook)! In addition to that, the book contains a nice list of traffic signs that can be used as a Tennessee road signs study sheet.  Just download the PDF file to your computer, print out all of the corresponding pages and post in on the wall in your bedroom so you can keep on referring these study sheets as you work on online practice quizzes!

Enjoy this 2019 Tennessee road signs driving practice test (TN) and don't stop at this exam, check out other great sample permit practice tests we have prepared for you!