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A regular practice permit test has 20 questions - we offer you more than a 100 TN permit test questions and answers on road signs to study!  While the sample quiz displays 20 questions every time you load the page, this number is very misleading as these questions change whenever you restart our Tennessee practice permit test.  This road sign sample test is connected to the knowledge base of over 100 question on street signs and it utilizes this connection to the max to bring you unique custom-designed TN DMV practice tests whenever you feel like investing a little time into studying!  Questions come from a variety of different sources, some were submitted to us by other students who have already taken the exam, others are based on the official 2019 Tennessee drivers manual, the same book the DMV uses to draw questions for the original DMV test. Most of the road signs questions come with great images to help you learn faster, but you are more than welcome to use any additional materials while working on the practice permit test!

Those who would like some road sign study sheets to go along with this free Tennessee practice permit test on road signs should definitely check out the drivers handbook.  Hold on, don't panic just yet, we are not asking you to read the entire handbook (although it may be a very good idea to do so)!  Pages 35 to 41 of the book contain a detailed list of Tennessee road signs, along with some decent images and detailed descriptions for the most important ones.  You can download the pdf file with the book to your computer, print out the mentioned pages and post it next to your computer screen, they will serve as great reference materials while you are working on this Tennessee road signs practice test.  You can certainly opt in to purchase some study sheets from a commercial driving school, but there is not much point in doing so, the DMV openly declares that they will only test you on the materials that appear in the drivers handbook, which makes it one of the best possible drivers license study guides out there!

While it is totally fine to use this 2019 TN permit practice test any way you like, it was primarily designed as a self-assessment tool.  If you notice that you are missing way too many questions while working on this practice test (i.e. you have taken the test twice and your grades are below 80%), you may think about switching to using one of the regular street sign practice tests we offer on the website.  Regular drivers permit practice tests offer additional study aids and feature a fixed set of questions, a setting that can help you get up to speed much faster.  Once you've built a solid ground base with regular practice quizzes, come back to this top of the line sample exam and polish your newly acquired skills!

Remember - a tool is only as good as the person using it!  Dedicate time to getting the most out of this free Tennessee permit practice test (TN) 2019 on road signs, study every day until you cover as many sample questions as possible and you are sure to pass the drivers permit test the first time you take it!  Good luck at the DMV!