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This may come as a surprise and goes against some of the widely distributed myths about the South Carolina permit test, but road signs is one of the most important topics on the DMV exam.  Students who choose to prepare for the permit test (and sadly, most of the drivers license applicants choose to go into the office and have a go at winging the test before they hit the books) usually dedicate most of their time to studying things they perceive as complex, such as drug and alcohol laws, child seat belt regulations, things that fall outside of what's referred to as common knowledge.  However, this does not take into account the structure of the SC DMV permit test.  Did you know that up to a third of questions on the permit test can be dedicated to traffic signs?  That's right, a third of your overall grade depends on signs, a crystal clear signal from the South Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles on the importance they place into traffic signs! Don't ignore the topic that can mean the difference between passing and failing the DMV written test, make sure you dedicate some of your time to learning the signs!

This SC practice permit test was designed to help you gauge your current level of preparation and pinpoint any traffic signs you may be struggling with. While you are only presented with 20 questions every time you begin your free practice permit test, the actual number of SC DMV permit test questions available is over 100 and we keep adding new ones all the time!  Sample questions for the exams are chosen randomly from a large pool whenever you begin the practice permit test, so you will not be able to repeat the same exam twice.  You may also have noticed that the practice test does not have any of the usual study aids you might have gotten used to while working on regular practice quizzes.  This absence of study aids is determined by the purpose of the SC permit practice test - you will not get a reliable estimate of your current abilities if you continue to rely on outside help while answering these questions!  For this reason, we recommend that you avoid using any SC road signs study sheets and keep the drivers handbook closed when working on the exam.

Once you answer all twenty sample questions on the South Carolina drivers permit pretest, take note of your overall score.  This grade is a reliable indicator of your current progress and it will help you determine whether you need to spend more time studying traffic signs or if you should move on to South Carolina traffic rules.  Our recommendation is that you aim at answering no less than 18 questions from the practice test correctly every time you take the exam.  Being able to score 90% or higher means that you are quite well-versed and stand a fair chance of doing just as well during the real drivers permit test.  Sixteen to seventeen correct answers is not a bad result either, but it shows that there are still quite a few blank spots you need to fill.  Continue working on this road signs practice permit test until your grades improve.  Those who are unable to answer 16 questions from this DMV practice test correctly should downgrade to a regular road signs practice test and work their way back up to this self-assessment exam. 

If you have enjoyed this free South Carolina road signs permit practice test (SC) 2020, don't hesitate to share it with friends who may be taking the exam soon!  Spread the work and help others pass the knowledge test!