Quick note: This test is timed! You have N MINUTES to complete the test! All unanswered questions will be marked as incorrect. Good luck and godspeed!

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For those who have read the drivers manual and gone through every practice permit test on the website, this free South Carolina practice permit test (SC) Simulator is just icing on the cake, the last piece of the puzzle. Mind you, this piece is essential and you would do well to spend some time working on it before you hit your local DMV office!  There is really no such thing as being "over-prepared" or "knowing too many driving rules", every single bit counts and every single permit test question you learn increases your chances of passing the DMV exam the first time!

Using our 2019 SC permit test simulator is extremely simple, a child could do it!  You get 30 multiple choice questions on signs and rules.  All questions are chosen randomly from a large knowledge base that contains over 500 South Carolina permit test questions and answers.  This random choosing of practice questions guarantees that you end up with a completely unique South Carolina permit practice test (SC) every time you begin the exam (refreshing the page will effectively start a new test, keep your hands away from the refresh button while working on the quiz or you will lose all of your progress).  Just like with the real DMV permit test, answering 24 or more of these questions correctly is considered a pass.  Mind you, this is JUST passing and we do not recommend that you stop at this stage. The time for a victory dance will come when you can answer no less than 27 sample questions on this online SC permit practice test correctly.  We know it's not easy, but spending a little extra time on preparing for the exam now may save you hours on repeat DMV visit later down the road!

Now, you might have gotten used to different study aids while working on other practice permit tests on the website.  Sorry, no can do.  We know you loved them, we know they made passing the practice test much easier, but now is the time to get used to passing the test without any outside help.  The DMV clerks won't be so nice as to allow you to use DMV cheat sheets or study aids during the quiz, the SC permit test is not an open-book exam.  The permit test simulator is the ultimate testing tool for you to get used to the format of the real permit test and that means getting used to relying only on yourself.  If you don't believe you are up to the task, downgrade to the South Carolina DMV permit test cheat sheet, it follows the same format the Simulator does, but still provides you with access to the study aids you came to love.

If you got this far without reading the drivers manual, there's probably nothing in the world that will convince you to read it.  We can still try, though. No, seriously, read the drivers handbook, it really deserves its name, the South Carolina permit test book, it has absolutely everything you need to know for the real DMV test.  Every question on the real permit test and every question on this free South Carolina practice permit test (SC) 2019 can be answered by reading the manual. Don't rob yourself of this amazing chance to learn the rules that will allow you to nail the real thing!