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Get excited, as you are about to hit the most comprehensive practice permit test on Pennsylvania road signs!  Don't get fooled by the fact that it shows you only 20 questions right now, it has much more to offer!  Unlike regular practice tests that utilize a fixes set of sample permit test questions and keep showing them to you over and over again, no matter how many times you take the exam, this road sign practice test operates in a completely different manner!  The exam is connected to the knowledge base of Pennsylvania traffic signs that contains approximately 100 sample questions.  Every time you begin the quiz, the system chooses twenty random questions from the knowledge base and builds a custom exam for you right here on the spot.  Once you are done with the test and choose to take another one, the system repeats the process and creates yet another new amazing PA permit practice test you can sink your teeth in!

Naturally, using this awesome system does not mean we have to drop everything you loved about our regular practice tests.  The exam still provides you with immediate feedback for all of your actions, you don't have to finish the entire test to find out what questions you have missed!  Whenever you make a mistake, the permit practice test PA quiz will stop, show you the right answer and provide you with a moment to ponder on it.  In fact, you can take all the time in the world, this 2019 practice permit test on Pennsylvania road signs is not timed and we will never rush you!  Keep in mind that you can repeat the quiz as many times as you like, use this opportunity and cover all of the sample PennDOT questions!

With the practice permit test offering unlimited opportunities to study, it is reasonable to wonder when is a good time to stop?  How do you know whether you have learned every PA road sign you need for the permit test?  In most instances, you should go by your grades and use them as markers for your progress.  The overall score you see at the end of the practice test is in no way a judgment placed on you, it's simply another study tool that shows you a way to improvement.   Generally, a grade of 90% or higher is considered to be very good and if you manage to score this high consistently, you shouldn't have any troubles answering questions on road signs during the real Pennsylvania learners permit test.  If your score is not quite as high yet - don't worry and don't panic, you will get there very quickly!  Just keep on repeating the practice test over and over and you will see your grades improve right in front of your eyes!

Having trouble memorizing all these signs?  There is a solutions for you too!  Just download a pdf copy of the Pennsylvania drivers manual, it contains a comprehensive PA road sign study sheet (we'll let you in on a little secret - the book has all of the PA permit test answers)!  The study sheet is printable and contains all of the traffic signs you need to know for the 2019 drivers permit test.  Print it out, post it in a place you spend a lot of time in and keep it in front of your eyes while you are working on this Pennsylvania road sign permit practice test.  This kind of constant visual reminder really helps to remember things better!

Enjoy this free Pennsylvania permit practice test (PA) 2019 on road signs and don't be afraid to give us a shout if you believe that we've missed an important traffic sign!  Good luck at the DMV!