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By now, you have probably taken quite a few PA practice permit tests and you are looking for a new challenge!  Well, here it is - a completely new 2019 Pennsylvania permit practice test simulator with unlimited permit test questions to take you to the next level!  Hundreds of questions in the database, random questions every time, same format as the real PennDOT permit test and even the same grading system!  No way to cheat, no assistance from us, it's you against the real permit test! Buckle your seat belt, you are going for a ride!

This Pennsylvania permit practice test (PA) displays 18 multiple choice questions every time you take it.  Questions for the test are selected randomly from our large knowledge base every time you take the exam, meaning it will be just like taking a new practice quiz every time!  Most questions will provide you with four answers, only one of those answers is correct.  To keep things as real as possible, you will not receive any assistance from us while taking the test.  Yes, this means you will not be able to see any "hints" or hide incorrect answers, you really have to know your driving rules to pass this one!

Questions on this free online PA permit practice test are based on the real PennDOT permit test and the official drivers manual.  We said this before and we will say this again - there is no better way to prepare for the permit test than by reading the driver's handbook and taking these practice quizzes!  It's a great idea to keep the manual open whenever you are taking practice exams, this way if you miss a question, you can research it in the book right away!  Sure, you don't want to keep the book open if you are using this Pennsylvania permit practice test simulator to see how well you have learned the rules, but if you are just studying, then go ahead and peek away!

We did our best to cover all topics that come up on the real permit test and you will encounter questions on seat belt laws, traffic violations, speed limits, signaling, parking, using all of vehicle's equipment correctly and, of course, road signs.  Go through this 2019 Pennsylvania practice permit test simulator a few times and if you find any of these topics troublesome, head over to one of our practice quizzes that cover that topic, be that the PA road rules practice test or the road signs exam.  All of our practice tests for PA are completely free, you can work on them as much as you need to nail that permit test!