Quick note: This test is timed! You have N MINUTES to complete the test! All unanswered questions will be marked as incorrect. Good luck and godspeed!

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This Pennsylvania practice permit test consists of 20 multiple choice questions.  The exam is topical and covers PennDOT road signs only (if you are looking for a more comprehensive practice test with a complete overview of the state driving rules, just switch to one of the regular permit practice tests or use the permit test Simulator).  While the practice quiz uses a fixed set of questions and presents you with the same 20 PennDOT questions every time, the order of the questions is shuffled and rotated, just to keep things interesting.  Every question has four answers, yet only one of them is correct.  You will see whether you have answered a question correctly immediately after indicating your choice and the right answer is displayed whenever you make a mistake, so you can learn on the go.  Once done with all 20 PA permit test questions, you can review the ones you have missed again and check your overall grade. Use this score to determine your next steps: if you answer 18 questions or more correctly - you are good to go to the next Pennsylvania permit practice test.  Didn't score quite as high?  No worries!  Simply repeat the practice test once again and you will see your grades improve right in front of your eyes!  Remember, this PennDOT practice permit test on Pennsylvania road signs is free and you can keep on retaking it until you are fully satisfied with your grades!

You may be wondering why we have selected only 20 sample questions for this PA learners permit practice test.  Why haven't we filled it with hundreds of different road signs and let you study all of them at once?  For starters, you don't need to learn "hundreds" of different road signs, there are common signs that frequently come up on the permit test and you should concentrate on these.  Second, we don't believe that extensive practice permit tests are always good.  Most students don't have the time to sit through a permit practice test PA quiz that takes hours to complete, while anyone can manage a 5 minute exam now and again.  Low time commitment means you can take the test anywhere and you don't have to schedule those lengthy permit test study sessions.  Got a short break?  Just grab your iPhone, log into the website and complete a PennDOT practice test!  It's fast, convenient, and free! 

When it comes to additional study materials, there's nothing we could recommend higher than the official Pennsylvania drivers manual.  There are two reasons why you should study the handbook: it contains a comprehensive PA road sign study sheet (in fact, it's got a whole large chapter dedicated to road signs and pavement markings) and your entire learners permit test is based on this very book, the fact frequently missed by first-time applicants.  There isn't a question on the Pennsylvania permit test you can't answer with the help of the manual, so there is absolutely no reason to pay for expensive drivers ed classes or booklets that guarantee that you pass the test the first time - just download the handbook, read it, take a few permit practice tests and you're set!

Enjoy this free Pennsylvania PennDOT practice test (PA) 2018 on road signs and don't forget to check out other practice quizzes before you head off to the DMV!