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How much would you pay for a guaranteed chance to pass your Oregon DMV knowledge test the first time you take it? We are giving it away absolutely free!  A 2020 Oregon permit practice test designed to prepare you for the challenge of the real exam, with questions that are highly similar to the ones you will encounter at the office!  We even use the same grading system the DMV does!  All you need is a little time to go through this permit practice test at least couple of times, learn your weaknesses and exterminate them! Take the first step towards your learner's permit now!

One of the common questions we hear from you is why does this free Oregon permit practice test have only 20 questions, while the real knowledge test at the DMV sports 35 of them? The answer is real simple – we believe in taking it slow! Chances are that this is the first permit practice test you're taking in your entire life, what would be the point of throwing hundreds of questions at you right from the start? Would you teach you much? Highly unlikely. Would you be able to memorize hundreds of traffic rules right from the start? Probably not. Would this experience leave you feeling completely overwhelmed, dissatisfied with your grade and discourages from taking any more permit practice quizzes? Very probable. That's why we believe that you should always start with a quick and easy DMV permit practice test that will actually allow you to learn something. Don't worry about the number of sample questions at this practice knowledge test – it is not that important. We've got hundreds of different permit test questions in store, you will get there very soon, for now just try and concentrate on learning the answers to these twenty simple questions.

This 2020 permit practice test for Colorado covers a wide range of topics: traffic rules, road signs, speed limits, school zones, parking on hills, passing and traffic fines - if it's on the real knowledge test, it's on our practice permit test too.  Many questions are supplemented with great images to help you learn quicker, after all, we all know that an image is worth a thousand words! Questions are interactive and you will see the correct answer immediately, you don't have to finish the whole permit practice test to see where you went wrong!

We believe studying the right materials is key to success and we take great care to constantly review and update this permit practice tests for Oregon.  This knowledge test has now been updated to the standards of 2020.  All permit test questions were researched with the help of the official drivers manual, the same book the DMV uses for the test, so you know you are studying the right stuff! All of our practice permit tests are state-specific and work equally well for students in Portland, Beaverton, Eugene, Salem and Hillsboro.  It really doesn't matter what part of the state you live in, the DMV test is exactly the same all across Oregon and our practice permit tests will help you nail it no matter where you live!

While you can easily find hundreds of website that will charge you anything between $10 to $30 for a quiz like this one, we are giving it away completely free of charge!  Everyone deserves a chance to pass the knowledge test the first time and if we helped you achieve that goal, that's payment enough for us!  Share this free online Oregon practice permit test 2020 on social network to help others success too!  Good luck at the DMV!