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A moment of Oklahoma permit test trivia: did you know that more than a half of the drivers license applicants who take the written permit test for the first time fail the exam?  Amazing, isn't it?  Road signs are partially to blame for these gruesome stats, as questions on Oklahoma road signs can comprise more than a third of the entire exam, making it a single most important topic on the DMV written test.  At the same time, they are the most overlooked and ignored subjects, most of the students who choose to study for the permit test (and there are plenty of those who go in without taking a single Oklahoma practice permit test or opening the drivers manual once) end up ignoring traffic signs in favor of studying the "important" rules, such as legal blood alcohol content limits, speed regulations, fines and penalties, child seat belt laws - you know, "the hard stuff".  What most learners permit applicants don't realize is that those topics will contribute one or two points to their overall score, while road signs are the topic that can literally make or break the test.  Grant you, road sings are not that hard to learn, but they must be learned nevertheless and you must have enough sense to invest time into studying them!

What we have prepared for you is a free Oklahoma practice permit test that will help you determine how well you know your signs and allow you to pinpoint any written test questions related to traffic signs you may be struggling with.  The practice permit test is connected to the knowledge base of over 100 Oklahoma permit test questions and answers that deal with road signs and nothing but road signs.  Every time you begin the exam, the system chooses 20 random questions and builds a unique practice test for you to work on.  This approach eliminates any bias and guarantees that you don't sabotage yourself by concentrating on easy questions and ignoring the ones that are a little more challenging.  There will be no study aids and you should keep the drivers manual closed throughout the entire test.  If you have some Oklahoma road sign study sheets posted somewhere, cover them up, you certainly don't want to cheat yourself by peeking the answers off some study sheet. 

For most of our Oklahoma practice permit tests, we recommend that you move on to the next exam as soon as you are able to answer 18 out of 20 questions correctly.  This is a good approach when it comes to general DMV written test questions, but we recommend that you change it for this sample exam.  Since road signs are so important and contribute so many points to your overall DPS permit test grade, we suggest that you aim for the perfect score and don't rest until you get there!  Trust us, this will pay off at the DMV office and it doesn't take that long anyway, since road sings are easy, aren't they?

If you find yourself struggling and have troubles scoring over 80% on this Oklahoma road signs practice permit test - don't stress and don't stop studying, this is the worst thing you can do!  Simply downgrade to regular road sign practice tests for now, work your skill up with the help of those regular quizzes, then come back and own this self-assessment quiz!  The advantage of regular road signs practice test is undeniable - they offer access to integrated study aids and you get to isolate a limited number of questions instead of working on all 100 of them simultaneously!

Got a question to suggest for this free Oklahoma practice permit test (OK) 2020?  Just drop it into the comment box on this page, we'll research it for you and add it to the knowledge base with the next update!